Pushing The Right Buttons: Programming Our Bodies For Happiness

Our bodies are complex machines and, like any decent piece of kit, they have buttons to tap into different functionalities. Trouble is, our human form doesn’t have clearly marked keys, so where’s our ‘happiness switch’ and how do we find it? I’VE started experiencing panic attacks. I’m a 45-year-old woman and I have never experienced […]

Is It Really That Rare To Give A Sh*t In Business?

You’re trying to run a business, spinning lots of plates AND people expect you to engage with your audience? Nobody has time for that, right? Actually, I reckon we do, and it doesn’t need to be that hard! AFUNNY thing happened on LinkedIn this week. I’d shared my daily post and was popping back in […]

The Truth About Earning Money While You Sleep

Get rich quick schemes. Four hour working weeks. Lounging on a beach while the money pours in. That’s what a lifestyle business is all about, isn’t it? If you believe that, you might have been miss-sold! Here’s what it really takes to get the cash rolling in your direction as a service-led small business owner. […]