Biden Your Time Or Hoping He’s Trumped, Your Future Is Up To You

THAT headline and intro might feel a little difficult to stomach right now. Wherever you sit on the political spectrum, you may well believe the victor has the power to make your life better, or worse. I’m not about to start arguing about which one of these guys would make a better leader, or who […]

Does It Matter That She’s A Lesbian? Yes! Yes it does!

LIKE many other Brits, I sat up into the small hours to watch Kamala Harris and Joe Biden address the world after being declared Vice President and President Elect of the United States. As a former journalist, I was fascinated by the way everything was playing out and, as an eternal optimist with political leanings […]

Simple Steps To Beat A Silent Killer

IT might sound dramatic, but stress really can be a killer. It’s not the stress itself, of course, but the impact it can have on your body. At the extreme end of the scale, stress has been linked with everything from heart disease to suicidal impulses, so we really do need to take it seriously. […]