We All Know The Importance Of Understanding Our Value Sets, Right?

They help us to understand what drives us AND why the actions of others can really unsettle us (I call that getting punched in the value sets!). By and large, our value sets are awesome… but I want you to understand how yours might be tripping you up. Back in the day, I ended up […]

Do You Check In With Your Future Self?

Whenever people ask how I get my drive, my inspiration, how I dig deep into my intuition for what’s needed, I deliver an answer they’re rarely expecting. I tell them I check in with my future self. My best encourager is me in five years’ time. Future Me knows when to tell me to take […]

When You’re Self-employed, You Never Get Ill.

All those coughs, colds and seasonal lurgies that poleaxe us when we feel trapped on the corporate treadmill just don’t happen when we work for ourselves.  I remember someone telling me that, back in the day. I’d asked an entrepreneur what happened when they got sick; their answer was simple: “I don’t get sick.”   Years later, […]

The Trouble With Scarcity Marketing Is That Everybody’s Doing It.

The trouble with scarcity marketing is that everybody’s doing it.  Actually, that’s not the real problem at all. The real problem is that too many coaches are using scarcity marketing as a sales technique, when the only thing that’s really scarce is money in your bank account or clients in your diary.   If you’ve been […]