There’s an old story about a monk and a young chap seeking wisdom. Wanting to find himself and attain enlightenment, the young man approached the monk and asked how long it would take him to reach that place of inner peace. The monk thought for a moment, before replying: “You should be able to get […]


‘Fail to plan, plan to fail!’ We’ve all heard that one, right? I’ve always bucked against it! Nine times out of ten, it was delivered as a verbal cattle prod by some trainer, or advisor, telling a room full of self-employed newbies how to run a business. At the risk of sounding like Judgy McJudgeface, […]

Brace Yourself… We’re About To Break The Rules.

I’m about to go maverick and smash all those business coaching ‘rules’ to smithereens! (Side note: nobody really knows the origins of the word ‘smithereens’, though scholars suspect it may have developed from the Irish word ‘smidiríní’, which means ‘little bits’. Gotta love a bit of word nerdery!) Niching, then. Is it needed? No. No […]

Let’s Talk About Content Planning

There’s a lot of crazy mysticism around something that pretty much everyone running a business needs. We panic, turn it into rocket science, think we need to spend loads of cash on ‘how to’ guides and tie ourselves in knots every year. I’m talking about content planning. Every year, I guide my clients through really […]