I’ve spent most of today with my feet up.I’m writing this from the garden swing, shade tilted just enough to keep the sun out of my eyes and my screen readable, puppy lounging on top of me.Here’s my current view…  It’s Tuesday afternoon. Ordinarily, I would have been to the gym, run a few errands […]


This week I’m laying down a challenge… and it’s one that will serve you AND your clients. Go through your diary for the rest of 2023 and actively schedule out time for creativity/inspiration, writing, L&D and proper off-off time. Make sure you allocate enough time for each every month. I’m not going to tell you […]

What’s your Unique Selling Point?

How many times have you been asked that question? I’m betting you will have struggled to answer; after all, very little is genuinely unique these days! If you’ve been wondering and worrying about this one, I’m here to grant you a reprieve. Yep, really. Drop all that pressure around creating a USP and focus on […]

If You Won The Lottery, Would You Keep Working?

It’s one of those questions we’ve heard a million times. The stock answer is often: “Hell no! I’d be on a beach!”   Once, that would have been me. I would have chosen a mountain or ancient temple over sea and sand, but I would have done anything to escape. I hated my job. I hated […]