My favourite C-word ends with N and T. It’s a short, snappy word that, sometimes, I’m led to believe others in the business world might NOT like. Because, surely, if they liked this C-word as much as I adore it, they’d be far more aware of it. They might even want to collect them as […]

Why We Need To Change Our Attitude Towards Football

I’VE just watched a team of awesome, elite athletes be awarded with silver medals on a global stage, before an audience of mIllions. While I was filled with pride for our women – the ‘special team’ who’d taken us to the pinnacle of football glory for the first time since 1966 – my wife, her […]


If you’d asked about my purpose a few years back, I’d have responded with a well-practised line about helping you to #UnleashYourAwesome. This week, I was on an onboarding call with an awesome coach who was interested in taking the last available place on my #ProjectArtemis programme. When she asked about my mission, I found it had […]