If You Throw Enough 💩

There’s an old saying that goes: “If you throw enough shit at a wall, some of it will stick.” I’ve always thought it to be about the power of perseverance, though some look at it differently and feel it relates to people being badmouthed. Here’s the thing… No matter how good you are, how pure […]


No matter how skilled you think you are, you only have 100% – you can’t give full attention to three things at once. Seriously. Do the maths! When we say we’re multi-tasking, we’re admitting to not giving our best. We’re admitting to short-changing ourselves and the people we’ve made a commitment to. WAKE UP! We’re […]


Not for the first time, this week I found myself off-the-cuff coaching someone who genuinely believed nobody had money to spend. I wish I could get everyone to stop installing all the doom and gloom newspaper headlines – and parliamentary BS – and open their eyes. Take yourself off to a shopping centre on a […]

YOUR Perspective Will Always Carry Magic

I want to share a different perspective with you today. I want to prove that you DO have a voice, and that you can bring something entirely fresh to any situation, no matter how many times it’s been talked about before. Picture the scene… it was a warm August day, way back in 2012. The days before […]