ONE of my greatest teachers once explained the importance of knowing ourselves, inside and out. If we know who we truly are, he said, we know the truth of our being and the words of others cannot hurt us.

There was more to it and I’m paraphrasing, but that can be one of the hardest, most important and most rewarding lessons to learn.

imageThere will always be two sides to any coin. People often have agendas or hidden feelings the rest of us don’t see. There will frequently be spin.

It’s easy to be drawn in – to listen to the one-sides opinions of others and join in the melee, especially if we tell ourselves we’re supporting our peer group by doing so. That kind of drama carries a low-level energy hit that can be a bit addictive, and sometimes we can be blinded by that instead of realising the impact of our actions – who, or what, is on the other side of that coin? What’s their opinion? Is steadfastly sticking to Side A hurting Side B? Is there any need for it at all? Is this all just one big red drama herring? Am I missing out by not seeing the big picture here? Politics can be loaded and dangerous… and they’re not only played out by politicians!


What would happen if we took the Eagle’s view? If we pulled up, high, high above the situation and saw the entire playing field? We might see the truth of the situation. We might be able to look at that coin from a place of balance and clarity. We might decide that distance is the best option and that, actually, the air is far cleaner where we are!


So… we can waste time getting lost in the drama and obsessing over which side is ‘right’, which side is ‘wrong’ and filling in the gaps for the bits we’re not clear on, or we can just step back from the negative energies and find a way to be thankful for all the abundance in our lives.

Remember… other people’s opinions absolutely do not define you, and they often say more about their world view than your own!