Seriously. It’s a waste of your time, money and energy, and it’s just plain flakey if…

* Your ‘life coach’ has no life experience. I don’t care if they are waving a clutch of paper certificates from ‘become a coach in an afternoon’ seminars.

* You want somebody to wave a magic wand and make everything better for you.

* You want people to *think* you’re doing something positive about your life, but have no intention of changing anything.

* You get hooked on chatting to your coach every week and never want to take the next step and fly on your own.

* Your coach encourages you to get hooked on chatting to them every week so the income rolls in and you and your coaching fees stay put for the rest of your life.

* Your coach doesn’t display any self belief, has no confidence, appears desperate and charges rock bottom fees.


If you really are committed to making changes in your life and need some real guidance and encouragement to level up, find a coach who can actually help you.

Find someone with a proven track record – someone with genuine testimonials, or whose past clients are happy to give you the lowdown.

Find someone who’ll challenge you and push you at just the right level, so you stretch that comfort zone – just don’t get so comfortable with your coach that you stop heeding their advice or putting in the effort.

Find someone who gets you, someone you can believe in, someone who can inspire you.

And all those certificates? Sure, it’s important for your coach to know what they’re doing, but all that training and experience should be part of the overall package – there needs to be substance, not just a learned, prescriptive 10-step-success plan with no actual success behind it. Would you take driving lessons from someone who’d never been in a car?


Life coaching. It can work. It can be life changing. You just need the right coach AND a willingness to do the work.

Hope that helps ????.



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