TODAY, young people across the land are either celebrating or needlessly beating themselves up over their A-level results.

I wish I could get in front of every single teenager who feels anxious/bereft/depressed/hopeless/even suicidal after scoring a lesser grade than they’d hoped for. I wish I could show them how pointless it all is in the real world. I wish I could help them see that their future is not defined by letters and numbers on a piece of paper.

When we’re young, everything seems far bigger than it actually needs to be.

Is education important? Of course! Do our lives suddenly plummet into a hopeless void of nothingness if we don’t achieve the qualfications we hoped for? Absolutely not!

If you’re someone who’s struggling over your A-level results (or any other kind of exam grades if you’re reading this blog at another time), please, please, remember there’s always hope. If you need particular grades to get into the career you dream of, you can go back and try again – it might not feel ideal, but the road doesn’t end here. Very often, there are other ways to get to that job you’ve set your sights on. And if you don’t really need specific results for anything, but you’re feeling disappointed in your performance, or even angry at the system, let me remind you that I have never, ever met a successful business person who has attributed the life they’ve created to their school grades . In fact, you’ll find plenty of hugely successful entrepreneurs who either never mention their qualifications OR who just never scored any to sing and dance about.


Me? Well, I might not be a multi-millionaire, but I’ve done okay so far, thanks very much. I’ve been to the top of the tree in publishing, I’ve written books (and with publishing deals, NOT self-published), I’ve coached people from all walks of life, including successful business people and celebrities, I run my own business, get called in as a consultant for other businesses, I get paid to speak in front of people AND I created and founded my own series of empowerment and business seminars. Not bad, eh? Oh… and I walk on fire as well.

Know how many A-levels I have to my name? None. Zero. Zilch. And don’t talk to me about GCSE results either.

We each make our own way in life. The world owes us nothing – it’s up to us to get out there and create the future we want to live in. We live in a time of huge opportunities. And they’re available just as much to you as to anyone else.

The world doesn’t give a monkey’s about your exam results.

You are awesome. You are beautiful. You are enough – and then some. Always.

The world’s your lobster, kid. Get out there and claim it!




PS: If you’re more of a movies than books person, here’s a quick video I recorded on this very topic:

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