RHODESWe’ve been in sunny Rhodes this week; part business, part pleasure.

The one thing we’ve found, above all else, is how wonderfully friendly, cheerful and hospitable the people here are.

I reckon us Brits could learn an awful lot from the Rhodians in terms of attitude. Despite all the difficulties their county has been experiencing – which has had a major impact on the people – everyone we’ve met has been genuinely cheerful, exuding happy energy and gone out of their way to help. They’re definitely unleashing their awesome in terms of customer – or visitor – service, regardless of whether it has a direct impact on them as an individual, or their business

Compare and contrast, people of England. We can be a cynical, miserable, moody bunch in a pinch, can’t we? And how often do we see customer-facing employees smiling and *wanting* to help?

And yes, of course we can come up with a gazillion and one reasons and excuses on both sides, but let’s not. Let’s just start taking control, taking responsibility (response-ability) for our mood, or energy and what we do with it.

In the meantime, sending lots of love and positivity from sunny Rhodes.



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