KNOWINGOne of my greatest teachers once said that when we truly know ourselves the words of others cannot hurt us.
There’s a deep truth in that. So why, oh why, do so many of us allow other people’s words and actions to knock us off track?

Who knows why they’re doing it – their reasons are their own and, probably, none of our business. Get some perspective. Are they really qualified to form an opinion about whatever it is you’re doing? Does their opinion really matter in the scheme of things? Is there a teaching in the unfolding situation for you? If so, learn it and move on. Maybe, just maybe, this person’s challenge is just that – challenging you to check in and ensure you’re still on the right path, and walking in balance, in beauty, in authenticity, in truth, and even in kindness.

We can see these situations as blocks, or as opportunities to reflect, check in, learn what’s needed and move on with renewed clarity and intention.

Oh, and one more thing… another wise teacher once said that the actions of others say far more about them than they say about *you*. There’s a deep truth in that as well!


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