YOU’RE always all over my Facebook feed, you get thousands of views on LinkedIn and you have celeb pals on Twitter. It’s not fair. You have so much more time than me — AND a team!”

That’s the kind of comment I’ve heard time and time again — largely from ‘solopreneurs’ or small business owners (I mean the business is small, not the person running it). They all seem to think it’s okay for me and I have all the time in the world to leisurely prattle about online.

They’re missing a few really important points:

  1. I have the exact same 24-hours as everyone else.


2. It’s not prattling about — it’s networking, building my brand and creating interest in my products and services that has a direct impact on my popularity, bookings and bottom line.

3. Though I do have a wonderful team, they absolutely do not look after my social media. Social’s my own — nobody’s getting their hands on that.

In fact, I’m really quite militant in my belief that every business owner should be looking after their own social channels. And I mean THEIR OWN — their personal feeds. I don’t mean Richard Branson should personally be tweeting, Facebooking, Insta-ing and LinkedInning up a storm for every different Virgin brand but, if there’s a Richard Branson account, that should absolutely be HIM.

To that end, all the time there are Taz Thornton social media accounts, you can guarantee it’ll be Taz Thornton at the end of them.

As I grow, I might get some of my team members to look after the business page on LinkedIn, for instance, but it’ll always be me looking after my profile.

Despite my team being perfectly capable of creating awesome content, everything you read from me will have been written BY ME.

Same goes for my blogs, books and medium articles. Despite my team being perfectly capable of creating awesome content (drop Asha Clearwater a line if you need a steer — yes, she’s my wife, but she’s also an excellent content coach), everything you read from me will have been written BY ME.

My team looks after Awesome Sauce — that’s why it’s written in the third person. I write The Tazvocate — that’s why it’s written in the first person.

Simples, right?

Juggling time

So, how can I possibly juggle creating so much content as well as managing a full client list, writing books, speaking and running events.

I time block. If I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t be able to run my business. Trust me, you will be able to do the same.

Just recently, I’ve worked with one of my clients — Emma Sheardown — to work out her own time blocking. In the space of a week, Emma went from making lots of excuses for not doing enough online to appearing regularly on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Insta AND writing a Medium article every week.

The results have been outstanding and Emma’s grinning from ear-to-ear.

How do I do it?

Let me tell you a little bit about my own daily schedule to help…

7–9am — LinkedIn — that includes writing content and engaging with other LinkedInners to get build my brand and tick the popularity box for LinkedIn’s algorithm.

9–10am — Facebook and Insta — replying to any relevant comments and posting content.

10–10.30am — Twitter

10.30–11am — prep for first coaching client.

From there, I have coaching clients throughout the day. I aim to leave at least half an hour between each one for essentials and, between all the obvious need-to-dos, I check back in on my social feeds to see if I need to respond to anything — doesn’t usually take more than a few minutes.

Depending on what else is happening during the day, I might do extra posts on some of the channels or extra networking — social networking, done properly, is really power-full for your brand and business.

Each day works pretty much that way, though I’m flexible enough to build in occasional networking events and twice weekly sessions with my personal trainer, as well as time for book writing and, of course, speaking gigs.

Tuesdays are slightly different — they’re my ‘admin’ days — the days where I write the article to be featured in Awesome Sauce and, time allowing, write my weekly column piece for America Out Loud as well.

If I’m really canny, I can even pull paragraphs from my articles, blogs and comments and turn them into social content for the following week — memes, videos, audio — the choices are endless.

That’s it. That’s how I block my days.

Oh, and one more thing… you all know how much I enjoy personal development, so I use my time in the car to listen to audio books and get continual learning that way. Another way to use time wisely!

I rarely start client appointments before 11am, which enables me to get a good grip on my social content and networking first thing in the morning. The way the rest of the day pans out is up to me.

You’ll notice I rarely start client appointments before 11am, which enables me to get a good grip on my social content and networking first thing in the morning. The way the rest of the day pans out is up to me. I usually see an average of three coaching clients per day, and the gaps in between are for more marketing.

If I’m not with clients, or out at an event, I’m marketing. Simples.

Over to you

Now you know how time blocking works, what can you do with your own schedule to allow you to do more?

Could you get up half an hour earlier? Could you be more focused with your social media — less mindless scrolling and more precision content creation and productive networking? How can you use every moment?

Grab a piece of paper and try blocking out your day, according to the tasks you know you need to achieve to create more visibility, more demand and a booming business.

Or don’t… in which case, don’t start going on about my content being all over your feed. I’m just stepping into the space you’re not using! 😉

Until next time,




Taz Thornton is the author of Awesome Sauce — a free, weekly positive life and business round-up, with good news stories, positivity tips and visibility hacks for your brand. In a few minutes each week, you get a dose of optimism and some awesome advice to get seen and stay happy.

Taz is a best-selling author, inspirational business speaker and multiple TEDx speaker, consultant on confidence, personal brand and visibility, and an award-winning coach (UK’s Best Female Coach 2018 — Best Business Woman Awards). She is also the creator of the #UnleashYourAwesome and #BrandMastery personal and business development programmes, as well as #UNLEASHED — an affordable confidence, content and cashflow building programme for coaches, healers and therapists, and #LIFEFORCE — an affordable online spiritual empowerment and coaching programme for people wanting to bring more optimism into their lives.

Taz has been featured on BBC, ITV, in HuffPost, Diva, The Daily Mail and countless other newspapers, magazines and podcasts. Taz is also a regular columnist for the America Out Loud talkshow network. In 2019, she was named as one of the most inspirational businesswomen in the UK.

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