EDUCATION is important. Of course it is. I encourage everyone to adopt a ‘hungry learner’ attitude and find the teachings in every situation.


(And it’s a BIG but!)

… you absolutely do not need to have amazing GCSE results to win at life. Education comes in all forms and you do not need to be defined by letters and numbers on a piece of paper.

Personally, my GCSE results were rubbish, and I’ve done okay so far, thank you very much:

  • I’ve had two books published (not self-published – actual contracts from book publishers who saw and believed in me), written a chapter in another, plus I’m currently writing book three and book four has been optioned.
  • I’ve been at the top of the tree in multi-national corporate publishing and only quite when I realised I’d been promoted away from everything I loved doing.
  • I’ve been behind an award-winning digital magazine that saw me interviewing stars, being invited to celebrity parties and getting celebrity clients for my own business as a result.
  • I’ve been on TV and radio and featured in all kinds of newspapers and magazines.
  • I’ve been running my own businesses since 2008.
  • I get paid to consult for other businesses who need help with direction, visibility and team cohesion.
  • I get paid to coach other people in business who need confidence, clarity and to tap further into the truth of who they are.
  • I get paid to speak in front of audiences – everything from small groups to Olympia and the NEC.
  • I created my own series of seminars and founded the #UnleashYourAwesome brand.
  • DIVA Magazine included me on its top 100 power list – at number 34, no less!
  • SOURCE TV named me as one of the UK’s leading evolutionaries, alongside Lynne Franks, Sir James Dyson, Shaa Wasmund and Russell Brand.

I could go on. There’s more, of course, and the point is not to boast, but to show you what is possible. I was a sickly kid, crap in exams and hated school. My GCSE results were abysmal. I was in my first journalism job at 16, so never even sat for A-levels. And yet, my life is pretty good. It’s getting better too – every day – because I decided to do something positive with it.

You can do the same. Regardless of your school qualifications, you can get out there and do whatever you choose with your life. Your past – including your GCSE results – do not have to dictate your future.




PS: If you’re in business and you do not believe your success came as a result of your GCSE results, please, please get out there and say something. Do it now. I salute all those teens who have achieved amazing GCSE results, but there are too many out there fearing the worst and putting themselves under all kinds of undue pressure; they are the ones who need to hear from us. Please, let them know life can still be amazing!

Thank you x

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