I JUST deleted an app on my iPhone. Gotta be honest, it was hard clicking that cross!

Here’s the thing… it was a totally addictive time waster. A game I’d added when I was ill last week. Something totally mindless to switch off my brain and take my mind away from feeling crappy. And a gazillion other excuses. Little coloured blocks to explode. Timers. Characters to ‘free’.


For a while, it was okay. I lost myself in the game and shut out the world while I was feeling too crook to think properly. But then, reality set in. I’m on the road to recovery now. I’m back at work. And I was still waiting for my game lives to replenish or – worse – spending real cash on virtual coins to get them faster!

It caught me. Sucker!


imageI have no time for this kind of crap. I love my work. I’m passionate about all I do. And, though I’m usually pretty strict with myself, this habit wormed in and took root faster than I could say “Toy Blast”.


Here’s the lesson: sometimes, when we’re feeling a bit low or unsure, it’s easy for bad habits to creep in. Sometimes, when we tell ourselves we’re hustling every minute we can and working hard to build our brands and businesses, we’re actually wasting time on mindless crap with no ROI other than squandered cash, lost time and irritable moods.

What’s yours? Angry Birds? Solitaire? Too much browsing Amazon and eBay? YouTube clips? Favourite websites?

Do yourself a favour. Audit your time wasting.

And if you need to… DELETE!



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