Interesting questions from a guy we met at The Business Show this afternoon who’d seen me going a bit bonkers in Brad Burton’s seminar.

“Are you a member of 4N then, or just a groupie?”

Me: “I used to be a member. Probably will be again soon.”

“That’s not a good advert. Why did you leave? And how come you were jumping up and down in there?”

Me: “Because I made some pretty big business changes and needed to step back a little bit.”

I didn’t answer the other part of the question, simply because time ran out. Why wouldn’t any of us jump up and down to applause and support someone taking time out to support us through an inspiring business presentation? Earlier this week, when I was presenting at ‪#‎UnleashYourAwesome‬, I had people dancing and jumping about to the Black Eyed Peas as they came into the room. There was no sitting down until the track finished. It was the 12″ extended version.

Movement creates energy and brings the vibe up. If you’re not willing to play full out, that’s all fine, but don’t expect to get as much from your experience either. It’s a bit like life. Grab it by the horns, shake it up, dance with it and make it your own. Because that’s what life is… yours.

Dance like nobody’s watching, whoop, holler and get that energy going folks because, unless you’re in a room full of people prepared to play full out for you, nobody’s gonna do it for you.

…and if you *are* in a room with someone about to do motivational speaking or anything else that could inspire you and help you in your quest for a happier life, give it some welly and show your appreciation!


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