HEY! 1980 called – it wants its attitude back!

Even today, with all the buzz around work/life balance, mindfulness, fulfilment, we’re still getting ourselves caught on this bullshit merry-go-round about money.

I hear coaches, mentors, speakers all pedalling the same tired old crap revolving around the mansion and the big bank balance. We’re still stuck in that old paradigm era of equating wealth with happiness. Listening to some of today’s coaches is like watching outtakes from American Psycho. Seriously.

imageIs money important? Yes, of course, getting to a place of financial stability is a weight off anybody’s shoulders. Will disposable income and a flash car solve all your problems and make you happy? NO! Will driving yourself to earn more and more create a zen-like existence? NO! It’ll more likely send you to a new office 6ft under ground. Maybe a nice mahogany one with shiny handles.

Balance, people. Perspective. Understand *why* you’re chasing things. Work out what it is you think they’ll do for you. Find your ‘why’ as Simon Sinek & Madam Becky might say, or you’ll risk forever trying to plug an emotional gap with material stuff. And guess what? While you’re busy working 24/7 to build your gold piles, the rest of your life – family, friends, love, support – could be crumbling around your ankles.

Do you honestly believe a ‘motivational’ speaker harping on about unrealistic goals is going to inspire your team or audience long term? No. It’s more likely to incite feelings of envy, irritability and hopelessness. Get real. Real people need real, achievable, inspirational intentions. They need to feel heard. They need to feel their own dreams are actually possible and, before that, they need to know what their dreams really are. We’ve all been conditioned to go for the perceived gold we don’t really want. We’re following a programme instead of following our hearts.

Aside from yours truly, there aren’t many speakers I’ve heard talking about this, with the exception of those mentioned and, of course, Brad Burton, but it’s a really important message. A ‘rich’ life isn’t always about being a millionaire. And it’s never really about the Ferrari!



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