NO matter how skilled you think you are, you only have 100% – you can’t give full attention to three things at once. Seriously. Do the maths!

When we say we’re multi-tasking, we’re admitting to not giving our best. We’re admitting to short-changing ourselves and the people we’ve made a commitment to.

imageWAKE UP!
We’re all out there boasting about NOT giving our all to the work we claim to care about.

We’re either picking up tasks in short bursts, then putting them down, incomplete, to half-care about some other job for a few minutes, or we’re just not exercising as much diligence as we could on each task. That’s the truth of so-called multi-tasking… it’s not big and it’s not clever. It’s shoddy and we’re pretending it’s something to be proud of.


Work or play – whatever it is you’re doing – please care and commit. I don’t want 40, 50, 60% of your best – I want 100% from you. You need to care 100%. You need to empower yourself to that level. Give it your all in that moment or go home.