SOMETIMES in business (and life!) we need to have conversations we fear may be difficult. We know we need to take responsibility, but when that action lies a little beyond our comfort zone it can be all too easy to bury our heads in the sand, do nothing and hope it resolves on its own.

Trouble is, when there are multiple parties all neglecting to take responsibility, the blame culture begins. We all sit back, waiting for someone else to make the first move and, eventually, we run out of time, patience and, sometimes, opportunity passes us by. Frustrations can very easily spiral and reputations, enthusiasm and confidence can be left in tatters too.


Pick up the phone. Write that email. Send that text. Make that Skype call. Whatever it takes. Just stop putting it off. Stop waiting for someone else to make that move when you could start the process right here and now. Let it be easy. We ALL have the ability to respond to any given situation – RESPONSE-ABILITY sounds just the same as RESPONSIBILITY, doesn’t it?

Whatever fear or concern it is that’s holding you back, step past that comfort zone and into the responsibility zone. Whatever the outcome, you’ll at least know you were brave enough to grab life by the balls and do your bit. And when you look back, you’ll know you took responsibility when everyone else was being an ostrich!



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