DO you enjoy your work? Is it really your passion? Does it fill you with fire, creativity, ideas and determination from the inside out? Does it excite you?

If it doesn’t, why are you doing it?

I’m guessing lots of people will be grumbling and muttering about money at this point. A few years back, I would’ve been doing just that!

imageHere’s the thing. I’m not a millionaire. Nowhere close. I’m probably earning less on paper now than I did wearing my corporate shackles. Yet I’m rich. My life is full of abundance. I’m following my passion now. I’m doing work I care about, so much so that it doesn’t feel like work.

The money comes. It’s coming more and more. Everything’s made of energy. You and I are made of energy. Money’s no different. The more I believe in my work, the more I allow my passion to come to the fore, the more positive energy – including opportunities and cash – comes my way. The more I give back, the more I get. The more I trust, the more I’m in ‘flow’.

Whether you’re working for someone else or working for yourself, you are not here to sit in a deathly cycle of flogging yourself into stress and an early grave just to pay bills.

You’re here to LIVE. And life is relatively short, so for goodness sake, spend it doing something you love. Something you believe in. Something that will make your life rich… in far more ways than filling your bank account.