OMG! I’m #34 in DIVA Magazine’s #DivaPowerList!

Thank you so much everyone!

So what does being in a same sex relationship have to do with my work? Nothing. Nothing at all. And that’s the point!

Whether I’m speaking, coaching, mentoring, running a seminar or workshop, writing a book, who I love makes no difference.


It’s about authenticity. It’s about the power of being true to who we are. It’s about knowing ourselves. And it’s about helping and inspiring others to be themselves, to love themselves and to be proud of their utterly valid place in the world as well.



I don’t care whether the people I help identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight, trans, intersex, non-binary or anything in between. I don’t care what colour eyes you have, how tall you are, what size shoe you wear or what your favourite music is either. It’s irrelevant. It’s about people being comfortable in their own skin, being proud of who they are, being happy, positive and fulfilling their awesomeness.

And THAT is why lists like this are so important and why I’m so honoured to have been included.

Not too long ago, too many of us would have felt compelled to hide our truth from the world. Indeed, many still feel this way. And if my place on this list, my attitude to life, my being out and proud and visible and married to a woman and so what helps just one single person bin their turmoil and realise it’s perfectly okay, that love is love and that life is for living, well, that’s good enough for me!


So thank you DIVA. Thank you to my wonderful wife, my awesome family (blood and spirit), my Inspiration Tribe and everyone who voted. You rock!

#UnleashYourAwesome, everyone – it’s in there somewhere, I promise!