How To Build A Successful Coaching Business

I FORGET where I first heard that quote, but it’s particularly apt now, as furlough ends, many people are finding themselves out of work, and some are reinvesting their redundancy into training for a new career. Enter the greatest dry land sharks of our time – people promising a world of opportunities, with riches beyond […]

Imposter Syndrome: Why We’re Getting It All Wrong

IMPOSTER Syndrome. Two words — five little syllables — we’ve been conditioned to fear, fight and do all in our power to obliterate. We blame this unseen force for so many of our perceived failings: lack of confidence, procrastination, poor cashflow, low self worth and esteem, even a dearth of clients. There’s even a special […]

Struggling Through Lockdown? But You’re A Coach!

I AGONISED over writing this piece. I’ve ummed and ahhed, swung to and fro like a pendulum, weighing up the pros and cons of speaking out. Honestly, I’ve given myself emotional whiplash! In just the same way, oh so many years ago, I hid my truth for far too long and learned the hard way. […]

How To Grow Your Following On Clubhouse: A Beginner’s Guide

I’VE been lurking on Clubhouse (CH) for a little while now, but only properly diving in this week. Being a bit geeky when it comes to visibility and personal brand, I’ve been doing some research into growth hacking tips and ways to build your audience and, as a result, I’ve gone up by about 100 […]

When Love Takes Over: Biden/Harris Herald Change And The World Needs To Follow

IT took Joe Biden and Kamala Harris less than a day to reverse some of the horrendous discriminatory acts signed off by Donald Trump, and to issue an executive order expanding LGBTQ non-discrimination protections. If ever there was a sign that this new leadership team are determined to rule from the heart, with compassion and […]

Less Panic, More Balance: The Dangers Of Dramatising Covid-19

NOT so many years ago, I discovered I was ‘at risk’ of one of those degenerative conditions we all dread. I still remember the news being delivered. Two ‘senior’ family members sat me down, at the kitchen table, to deliver the blow. I would need to seek medical advice, decide whether I wanted to take […]

Biden Your Time Or Hoping He’s Trumped, Your Future Is Up To You

THAT headline and intro might feel a little difficult to stomach right now. Wherever you sit on the political spectrum, you may well believe the victor has the power to make your life better, or worse. I’m not about to start arguing about which one of these guys would make a better leader, or who […]

Does It Matter That She’s A Lesbian? Yes! Yes it does!

LIKE many other Brits, I sat up into the small hours to watch Kamala Harris and Joe Biden address the world after being declared Vice President and President Elect of the United States. As a former journalist, I was fascinated by the way everything was playing out and, as an eternal optimist with political leanings […]