I thought I was playing full out. 

Years ago, I thought I was playing full out. I was co-running a full-service digital media and PR business, not only offering a ‘done for you’ service, but running training events and coaching people to do it themselves. We were forever encouraging people to tell the stories behind their businesses, not just to focus on the […]

Have I Made You Cry yet?

I have a reputation for making people cry. Actually, let me rephrase that: I have a track record of people crying in 1-2-1 appointments with me. Not because I’m so awful to talk to, but because people seem to be able to drop the masks and go deep pretty quickly when we start chatting. They’re […]


Have you been pushing the floor? If not, you might want to give it a go after this! When I was talking to one of my awesome clients, they confided that no matter how much they needed to increase their business income, they couldn’t quite manage to put in the work to make it happen. They’d […]


It seems more and more people have been ‘coming out’ to announce they have ADHD, which has sparked more and more debate. Social media channels are alive with people either cheerleading and supporting or dismissing and berating all those telling the world they have ADHD – and that’s without going into all the discussions around the […]


Just before writing this, I’d been to our local vet to collect our youngest cat, Freyja. Our darling girl was handed over in a beautiful gift bag, complete with embossed silver lettering. Inside the bag was a lovely little box, with decoration to match the gift bag, and inside that was a small, polished, beechwood […]


There’s an old story about a monk and a young chap seeking wisdom. Wanting to find himself and attain enlightenment, the young man approached the monk and asked how long it would take him to reach that place of inner peace. The monk thought for a moment, before replying: “You should be able to get […]


‘Fail to plan, plan to fail!’ We’ve all heard that one, right? I’ve always bucked against it! Nine times out of ten, it was delivered as a verbal cattle prod by some trainer, or advisor, telling a room full of self-employed newbies how to run a business. At the risk of sounding like Judgy McJudgeface, […]

Brace Yourself… We’re About To Break The Rules.

I’m about to go maverick and smash all those business coaching ‘rules’ to smithereens! (Side note: nobody really knows the origins of the word ‘smithereens’, though scholars suspect it may have developed from the Irish word ‘smidiríní’, which means ‘little bits’. Gotta love a bit of word nerdery!) Niching, then. Is it needed? No. No […]

Let’s Talk About Content Planning

There’s a lot of crazy mysticism around something that pretty much everyone running a business needs. We panic, turn it into rocket science, think we need to spend loads of cash on ‘how to’ guides and tie ourselves in knots every year. I’m talking about content planning. Every year, I guide my clients through really […]

Taz’s Top Ten Tips For 2023. And 2024. And 2025. And beyond. 

Happy New Year! If you’re reading this on New Year’s Eve, let me take this opportunity to remind you of last week’s message… remember? Stop reading your emails and take some quality chill time! You’re worth it AND your future self will thank you . Before you click away, let me quickly remind you of my […]