A Dangerous Rainbow: LGBT+ Hate Crimes And The Liberal Blind Spot

IWANT to start with a question to you all: how do you feel when you see a rainbow? Those beautiful, big icons in the sky — they might remind us of happiness, of possibility. Some people say rainbows are a sign from God. Whatever our beliefs, when we see a rainbow, it IS a sign, […]

Time Blocking: How To Get Past Your Excuses And Get Seen Online

YOU’RE always all over my Facebook feed, you get thousands of views on LinkedIn and you have celeb pals on Twitter. It’s not fair. You have so much more time than me — AND a team!” That’s the kind of comment I’ve heard time and time again — largely from ‘solopreneurs’ or small business owners […]

How Visible Are Your Price Plans?

In a world where consumers are pushing for less BS and more authenticity, why are so many coaches hiding their prices? The day of the ‘upsell’ phone call is dead and buried — it’s time to build more trust in your brand. Can you imagine going to the supermarket and not being able to see […]

How NOT To Get A TED Talk: Six Steps To Scupper Your Red Dot Dreams

I’VE just delivered my third TEDx talk. Next year, I’ve been asked to compere another one so, technically, that will make it four. Not only am I a seasoned TEDx speaker, but I’ve also coached TEDx teams, so you might say I have inside information when it comes to what goes into organising the events […]

Down But Not Out: 9 Tips To Cope With Illness When You’re Self-Employed

I’VE been ill. Who am I kidding? I’m still ill! 🤢🤧🤒 We’re talking the whole Linda Blair look. Okay, my head might not be spinning all the way around and I don’t have the energy for the spider walk, but you get the picture. Aching limbs, temperature, ridiculous amounts of snot, voice that sounds like […]

Potential For Success: Are You Building Your Best Business?

IMAGINE one of those giant thermometers — you know, the ones they use for fundraising to give us all an indication of how close they are to their target amount. Got it? Awesome! Now imagine you have your own, personal thermometer gauge, and this one is purely for measuring your potential. This thermometer is huge […]

Cut The Crap: Why We Need To Kick Branding Bullsh*t In The Balls

There’s a massive difference between flexing your style and creating a plastic persona. With so much fake news and spin, it’s time for us to clean up our act when it comes to personal brand and social marketing. AM I the only on who’s sick to the back teeth with Fakebook and Instaglam? What about […]

Why You Need To Turn Up The Heat On LinkedIn

The eyes are everywhere… if you’re not regularly engaging with people on LinkedIn AND showing up regularly, you ain’t getting traction! EARLIER this week, I was sitting with one of my coaching clients who asked how she could best promote a new talk she’d developed. She’s an awesome motivational speaker, and her new talk has […]

Six Simple Tips To Power Up Your Positivity

How can you inject more positivity into your life when the skies turn grey and your mood wants to follow? Try these easy life hacks to help you beat the blues and turn up your optimism. OPTIMISM rocks. It’ll take you to far greater places than pessimism, plus we know that our outlook can have […]

How Many Hats Are You Wearing?

Pick a lane, people! Why we need to stop juggling, get clear about our brand and make it easy for people to understand what we do. DO you feel confused over how to position yourself? Are you one of those people who wears lots of different hats? Do you represent a different one of your […]