Why You Need To Turn Up The Heat On LinkedIn

The eyes are everywhere… if you’re not regularly engaging with people on LinkedIn AND showing up regularly, you ain’t getting traction! EARLIER this week, I was sitting with one of my coaching clients who asked how she could best promote a new talk she’d developed. She’s an awesome motivational speaker, and her new talk has […]

Six Simple Tips To Power Up Your Positivity

How can you inject more positivity into your life when the skies turn grey and your mood wants to follow? Try these easy life hacks to help you beat the blues and turn up your optimism. OPTIMISM rocks. It’ll take you to far greater places than pessimism, plus we know that our outlook can have […]

How Many Hats Are You Wearing?

Pick a lane, people! Why we need to stop juggling, get clear about our brand and make it easy for people to understand what we do. DO you feel confused over how to position yourself? Are you one of those people who wears lots of different hats? Do you represent a different one of your […]

Quit Preening: Visibility’s A Two-Way Mirror

There’s a massive mistake too many people are making when trying to build their brand — they’re concentrating far too much on their content and not enough on their people… “WAAH! Waah! Waah! I’m posting every day on social media, but I’m still the best kept secret. Nobody’s seeing my stuff!” …cried a million small […]

7 Ways To Stop Being Distracted By Social Media

You’re staying away from social because it’s destroying your business focus? You do realise that’s where your customers hang out, right? Here’s how you can stop avoiding all those brilliant, free networking platforms and start using them smartly. SQUIRREL! We all know someone who’s easily distracted. The latest shiny thing immediately pulls their attention away […]

You Can’t Create A F@%king Personal Brand!

It’s the buzz phrase in marketing. All the cool ‘influencers’ are talking about it. Is Personal Branding all it’s hyped up to be? Not always. Do you need to create one? No. You don’t. You’d be reinventing the wheel… PERSONAL Branding. Are you sick of hearing about it yet? Tired of previously unheard of self-proclaimed […]

I Have A Secret Sales Plan

It’s simple. It works. Anyone can do it. I’m sharing it for free. Marketing ‘gurus’ won’t like it. Want in? Read on… IHAVE a secret sales plan. It’s served me well for years and it continues to serve me well to this day. It’s resulted in people coming to me and actually asking if I’ll […]

Remember To Breathe… How To Build Your Brand Without Burning Out

Hustle, grind, Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta, WhatsApp, Snap, Blogs, Video, PR… wow, it’s no wonder so many solo business owners are feeling the pressure. Read on and I’ll tell you how it’s entirely possible to build your audience and create clients without spinning too many plates. THIS one’s for everyone running their own business, trying to […]

It All Starts With Community

Whatever your business, whatever the marketing gurus and their swipe files tell you, there’s nothing more vital to your business than building a tribe IWANT to talk about community. No, I don’t mean people gathering at the village hall, street parties, or reinvigorating that ‘blitz spirit’ so many people harp on about here in Blighty. […]