What Do You Call Yourself?

Once upon a time, there lived an electrician. An excellent electrician. Someone able to diagnose and fix even the most complex of problems in no time at all. The electrician’s reputation spread far and wide. She was in demand, loving her work and being rewarded richly for her efforts. Then, one day, one of her clients told […]

Bank Of Trust

I’ve been talking about the ‘Bank Of Trust’ for years. It’s one of THE most important factors to be aware of in marketing. Whenever we’re putting content out, we need to be aware of this. Imagine you have a trust bank – like a money bank, but for trust. Every time you give something freely, […]

There Are Too Many Struggling Coaches In The World.

There are too many struggling coaches in the world. Too many don’t have enough clients, cashflow or brand awareness to keep going. If you’re struggling to make ends meet as a coach, it’s not because: ❌ There are too many coaches ❌ People aren’t spending ❌ You can’t afford advertising and the algorithms hate you ❌ You haven’t niched enough Here […]

My Business Lessons From Greece

I’ve just returned from a week in Greece. Thanks to that visit, and the insights I gained there, I want to talk about the attitudes that keep us small and (all too frequently) shrivel our souls. I want to remind us that it’s entirely possible to change our lives when we change our thinking. The […]

Time To Unleash Your Awesome Story

Last week, I talked about the power of using your story to build your personal brand. Today, as promised, I’m sharing a really easy process to help you find the gold in your personal history and use it to inspire, support, encourage and motivate others. I’ve used this simple tool to help hundreds of people […]

Unlock Your Story To Unleash Your Awesome

One of the areas I help people with is growing their audience, organically, from the ground up. That includes being able to tell your story power-fully (and sharing the right messages for the right audience), building a strong personal brand, networking with the right people, creating your tribe and then creating the right products and […]

The World of Coaching and Training

You’ve done everything the ‘experts’ told you to do – followed their ‘blueprint’ to the letter. You’ve spent weeks creating lead magnets, shared promo posts on everything from LinkedIn to TikTok, and set up a brand spanking new Facebook community to house all those people enticed by your offer. The big day comes. Your automatic […]

RIP Queen Elizabeth II: 1926-2022. Long live King Charles III.

I was leading a coaching group when it happened; the first session of a new 12-month programme was in full swing and we were talking about our business aims, our intentions and the one thing we didn’t want anyone to know about us. That last question is a great ice breaker – that level of […]

Let’s talk about newsjacking. 

It all sounds very gangsta, doesn’t it?  In reality, it’s anything but… and it’s something every coach (and every ‘solopreneur’) should be doing.  Back in the days when Asha and I were both journalists (which feels like about a million years before we became coaches!),  finding the news, finding an angle and creating a good story […]

How to take loads of time off (and still get paid)

One of the questions I’m asked regularly is how I’m able to take so much time off. The truth is, I don’t. What you might see as me being ‘off again’ is actually me managing my time and energy in order to serve my clients – and my audience – power-fully. There’s some really heavy weight […]