It All Starts With Community

Whatever your business, whatever the marketing gurus and their swipe files tell you, there’s nothing more vital to your business than building a tribe IWANT to talk about community. No, I don’t mean people gathering at the village hall, street parties, or reinvigorating that ‘blitz spirit’ so many people harp on about here in Blighty. […]

It’s Not About Getting Into Character: It’s About Being YOU

Professional speaking is becoming a popular bolt-on career choice for coaches, consultants, authors and subject specialists, but what does it really take to get the gigs? Here’s why it’s important to buck the trend and start bringing authenticity back… WHAT does it take to become a professional speaker? You need an audience, a stage, a […]

I Just Don’t See The Point Of Social Media…

If you run your own business and can’t be bothered with LinkedIn, Facebook, Insta et all, it’s probably because you’re still thinking of them as social channels you need to find time to update, instead of a worldwide networking portal GOTTA be honest…I’d heard the same, sad story before. The owner of a small, one-man-band […]

Abusers Have Feelings Too: Why We Need To Remember Both Sides Of The Coin

I’ve lived through domestic abuse. I’ve spoken about it, written about it and supported others through their own struggles to rebuild their lives. There’s no excuse for abuse of any kind, but blanket demonising doesn’t help us to break the cycle. Here’s why I believe we need to see both sides. ISTILL remember the scene. […]

Pushing The Right Buttons: Programming Our Bodies For Happiness

Our bodies are complex machines and, like any decent piece of kit, they have buttons to tap into different functionalities. Trouble is, our human form doesn’t have clearly marked keys, so where’s our ‘happiness switch’ and how do we find it? I’VE started experiencing panic attacks. I’m a 45-year-old woman and I have never experienced […]

Is It Really That Rare To Give A Sh*t In Business?

You’re trying to run a business, spinning lots of plates AND people expect you to engage with your audience? Nobody has time for that, right? Actually, I reckon we do, and it doesn’t need to be that hard! AFUNNY thing happened on LinkedIn this week. I’d shared my daily post and was popping back in […]

The Truth About Earning Money While You Sleep

Get rich quick schemes. Four hour working weeks. Lounging on a beach while the money pours in. That’s what a lifestyle business is all about, isn’t it? If you believe that, you might have been miss-sold! Here’s what it really takes to get the cash rolling in your direction as a service-led small business owner. […]

Sometimes We Just Need A Brain Dump

Journaling. It’s being touted as the next best thing in personal development and all the cool kids are doing it. Are you doing it right? Should you be doing it if you’re not? Here’s why we’re tripping over our pens and making a mess of it… JOURNALING. Honestly, if I hear one more ‘coach’ harping […]

What The Mother Of Dragons Can Teach Us About Personal Branding

After eight epic seasons, Game Of Thrones has finally come to an end. While others scramble for a bit of Iron Throne shrapnel, some of us were finding souvenirs of the business kind… LOVE it or loathe it, there’s no denying that Game Of Thrones has successfully captivated an audience of millions over its eight season run. […]