Simple Steps To Beat A Silent Killer

IT might sound dramatic, but stress really can be a killer. It’s not the stress itself, of course, but the impact it can have on your body. At the extreme end of the scale, stress has been linked with everything from heart disease to suicidal impulses, so we really do need to take it seriously. […]

Perspective: Our Greatest Weapon In Fight Against Fear

WAY back in March, when the media reports first started to trickle out about the global pandemic, sweeping the world with Death’s borrowed cloak and scythe, I was one of the first to lock down. I finished a running training programme, on the evening of March 18, and didn’t leave my house again until I […]

Beware: These Beliefs Could Kill Your Business

THIS past week, I’ve heard some crazy limiting beliefs from people in business. Maybe it’s the current climate kicking people in their confidence, maybe it’s stress, anxiety, exhaustion, burnout or just sheer overwhelm with all the negative / confusing messages coming from the media and Government. Whatever it is, as business owners, we need to […]

Views, Visibility and Values: Why You Need To Vanquish Vanity Metrics

HAVE you ever read one of those posts online that has thousands of passionate punters vying for supremacy in the comments? There’s Diligent Dave sharing links to what he insists are the facts of the matter, Conspiracy Kam calling ‘fake news’, Right-wing Ray calling everyone a snowflake and Leftie Linda reminding us all to just […]

Stop Blaming Algorithms: If Your Brand Ain’t Rocking On Social, That’s On YOU!

ONE of the biggest mistakes I see people making in service businesses today is assuming their popularity is greater than it actually is. People look at the numbers on their social channels and hugely overestimate the loyalty of people who clicked ‘like’ or ‘follow’ on a whim. I see it most with coaches, therapists and […]

Lockdown Learning: An Introvert’s Lessons On Marketing During A Pandemic

ASK me what I’ve learned during lockdown and I’ll start waffling on about how much my introversion has come to the fore and how much I’ve enjoyed the total lack of pressure to leave my house. I’ve learned that I’d quite happily stay locked down forever more. And that I’d quite like a house with […]

You Are Not Cashing In On A Crisis — You’re Keeping Our Economy Afloat

THIS week, I’ve been inundated with enquiries from fearful business owners, all worried that continuing to actively make a living in the midst of the corona crisis will create bad feeling towards them. It’s a crazy situation. Ironically, most of those I’m seeing shrinking into the shadows, governed by judgement-related anxieties, are the people whose […]

Leading In A Locked Down World

THE UK has only been in lockdown for a matter of days and, already, we’re seeing businesses folding, professional people panicking and thousands of usually sane human beings bulk buying toilet rolls and pasta! It’s entirely understandable that people are afraid, anxious, and listening far too readily to Bob and Barbara on Facebook — we’ve never […]