I’VE been ill.

Who am I kidding? I’m still ill! 🤢🤧🤒

We’re talking the whole Linda Blair look. Okay, my head might not be spinning all the way around and I don’t have the energy for the spider walk, but you get the picture.

Aching limbs, temperature, ridiculous amounts of snot, voice that sounds like I’ve been possessed, surrounded by soggy tissues and empty cough syrup bottles.

This isn’t right.

I’ve been getting fitter this year.

I work out regularly.

I eat better foods.

I kicked asthma’s ass.

I don’t even drink or take caffeine these days.

I shouldn’t be getting winter lurgies, right?

Who do I complain to?

Terminator bugs

This year’s bugs are virulent. They’re like terminator germs — I swear, Skynet will be involved somewhere!

I know so many people who’ve been bowled over. And, just when they think they’re getting better, the second battalion starts firing.

That’s what happened to me, too. It hit properly when I was working in Cannes, at the end of October, then I was well for about a week, then it came back with reinforcements.

This second bout is definitely worse.

What’s more, this lurgy is in cahoots with Depression and Low Self Esteem. They’ve formed a coalition government of germs. A bit like the Conservatives and Lib Dems, but with an even more insidious agenda.

What does this have to do with you?

You know the way I roll, folks. If I’m going through something challenging, you can guarantee I’ll try to find a way to help others through it as well.

I know how lousy I’ve been feeling, and I know some of you are feeling the same way, so here we go…

Taz’s top tips to stay on top when the bugs are battering you:

1) TAKE IT EASY — Yes, I know it’s boring, but all that advice about resting, drinking plenty of fluids and getting enough vitamin c is there for a reason. If your body’s yelling ‘STOP’, listen!

2) PRIORITISE — If you run your own business, you might not be able to just turn everything off. That means you’ll need to prioritise properly.

What really needs to be done right away?

What could be handled by someone else?

Do you really need to keep that meeting, or could it be rearranged.

Talk to your clients if you need to — you might find some are happy to rearrange or postpone — particularly if they’re not keen on catching your germs!

3) RELAX — It’s easier said than done, I know, but the more you stress out, the worse you’ll feel. Resting means your mind and emotions as well — not just putting your feet up.

4) RECYCLE — If you’re not feeling creative enough to come up with new social media commentary, recycle. Go back through your old content and find updates that are non-time sensitive that could be tweaked and re-used. You can even share links to old blogs or Medium articles. Marketing doesn’t have to be a one hit wonder.

5) ENGAGE — Beyond recycling old content, you can keep a decent profile on social media by commenting on other people’s posts — especially on LinkedIn.

If you’re not feeling like posting new content, at least remember to pop in and show up on some of the threads.

6) BE HONEST — There’s nothing wrong with telling people you’ve been ‘flu-bashed’.

If you’re still worrying about showing up, post and tell people you’re resting up a bit, and that you’ll be back as soon as you’re feeling up to it.

You won’t be the only one feeling that way. In fact, you might even be able to turn your illness into half decent content — just like I’ve done here!

7) GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK — This is the point I often struggle with most. I *hate* not being able to hit everything full on and I’m really, really fed up with this lurgy now.

This morning, I actually cried because I felt so frustrated. Pathetic, right? Well, yeah, but low mood is also part of it, so go easy on yourself.

8) REMEMBER THIS IS TEMPORARY — No matter how dreadful you’re feeling right now, the virus won’t have you in its claws forever.

You’ll get better. Hold onto that.

Do what your body needs, right now, to recover.

Nurture yourself.

This, too, shall pass.



I hope that was helpful for you.

What advice would you add to the mix?

Oh, and if you’re reading this through a pile of tissues and sipping a hot toddy, get well soon!

Until next time,




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