TODAY I upped my mentoring prices AND made myself more accessible all at the same time.

It sounds nonsensical, doesn’t it? I promise you, it’s entirely possible, providing you put in the time and effort to understand your audience.

Up until now, my one to one mentoring sessions have been a straight £65 per hour. There’s been no option for people who just want to ask a quick question, or those who are ready for a deeper journey of more than 60 minutes and are far enough along their path to be able to really invest in themselves and their business, and to recognise the value of that.

The result? I was forcing my audience onto a fence and waiting for them to topple over either side.

Here’s why…

For some people, maybe just starting out, or going through difficult times, £65 for an hour’s one to one coaching and mentoring – no matter how awesome the bounty at the end – just feels like too much of a stretch. After all, that £65 could be spent on food shopping, or the electricity bill, or new shoes for the kids. People aren’t always at a place where they can actively separate business expenditure from household expenditure. They don’t always have enough coming in just yet to have separate pots, and while we all understand the value of manifestation and the constricting energy of what some of my peers might refer to as a ‘poverty mindset’, sixty-five quid is sixty-five quid.

On the flip side, for people who really are ready to invest in themselves and their business ventures, who understand the power of working with a coach/mentor, £65 is neither here nor there. I actually had some businesses ‘umming and aahing’ because they perceived my offering was too cheap.                                         TazCoachingMeme

Between those two groups sit the people who claim to want change, but don’t really want to do anything to bring that about. These are the people who want me to wave my magic coaching wand and have them wake up rich and plentiful, with a career they love, a partner who appreciates them, a Ferrari in the drive and a pet unicorn with a saddle made of the finest silk and trimmed with rhinestones. They’re also, very often, the people who derive the greatest pleasure from having a good old moan… no wonder they don’t want to put the work into changing their lives – they’d have nothing to complain about! I needed a pricing structure that would weed this group out… and that’s part of what I set out to do.

So… that explains the fence…. people who perceive they can’t afford my help on one side, people who can easily afford me but wonder why I’m not charging more on the other, and people who can manage £65 but don’t actually want to do the work tottering about on top of the fence panels until they realise this change malarkey actually takes effort on their part and either slide down one side or get a gentle push from me.

There are now a variety of coaching options available, from just twenty quid upwards. The lowest level gets you a 10 minute ‘Quickfire Coaching’ consultation, and the hourly rate has gone up to £85. There’s now also a level for people wanting whole day sessions, as well as the option to create bespoke packages for people who want more regular coaching, or for businesses who want me on site regularly to offer coaching and mentoring for employees and team members.

See? Simples? More accessibility AND revamped pricing structures, including a really low cost level for people who want to start investing in themselves, all in the same day.

I’ve already covered most of this, but there is a very real issue – probably for everyone reading this – about ensuring we value ourselves enough. Coaches, mentors and therapists the world over expect their clients to value themselves enough to invest in their help, but what about how much we value ourselves on the other side of that?

I value being able to provide real support to people who are ready to change their lives, and I value being able to provide that to people from all walks of life – that’s one of the reasons I do so much pro-bono/charity work and offer bursary schemes for my training and development programmes – I’ve even been known to barter and trade with people who had something to offer other than pound notes. I also value being appreciated and rewarded for my work by those in a place to do so, and I value being able to live my life and pay my way through my work to help others flourish and feel awesome. I value being able to look at my offering, explain my offering and be totally transparent.

It’s my belief that money should never get in the way of someone wanting to achieve something, but I also believe that sometimes, just sometimes, we need to adjust our attitude to cash and cashFLOW in order to get things moving. Free stuff doesn’t always enable people. Having a reachable rung on the ladder does. So now there are real options for people who need coaching and want to move more into that place of flow – that belief that money comes and goes and you have to give to receive. And as for my corporate clients… well, they know I’m worth it, and a full day spent inspiring a team to feel cohesive, heard, inspired and more productive is money well spent!

When did you last check your offering? Do YOU value yourself enough? Is it time for an overhaul?