PICTURE the scene…

So, there’s this person who seems to display a number of different personalities. Really different. Sooner or later, if it kept happening, people who cared would start to worry about them, wouldn’t they? They might even seek professional advice.

And yet that’s what so many of us do, day in, day out.

imageWe seem to think it’s not only acceptable, but right and proper, to have a ‘business personality’ quite different to our ‘real personality’. It’s become the norm. Loved ones watch us carefully putting on our game face every morning, then fully expect us to remove it for evenings and weekends.

It’s all a bit schizophrenic, isn’t it?


What would happen if we had just one ‘life personality’?

What would happen if we cut the crap and just allowed our authentic selves to steer the ship?

What would happen if we worked towards being in a business we enjoyed so much, one so aligned with our core values, we didn’t require a mask?


Work/life balance is only really an issue when WE are out of balance.

If we’re doing the ‘right’ work, it doesn’t *feel* like work. And if we’re happy and in balance, our families don’t need to watch us disappearing behind a mask, because we don’t need to pretend and life becomes a whole lot easier.

Authenticity, mindfulness, alignment are all buzz words at the moment. People buy people. We’re all trying to build trust in our tribes to build our businesses. Maybe all we need to do is stop wearing the masks. It’s a lot easier to believe in someone you can actually see!

#UnleashYourAwesome #DitchTheDisguise

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