Unless you legitimately need to be on call, can I convince you to properly down tools and take a decent break?

Listen, however much the hardcore business nutballs will be pushing that regime of showing up more, hustling and grinding over the break, I want to remind you that there’s a way to stay visible without giving up your R and R.

What’s more, as much as people might be bored and scrolling by early evening on Christmas Day, that doesn’t mean you have to be watching and waiting to present your golden opportunities.

Yes, people will be bored and scrolling, but for the sake of Rudolph’s red nose, chill TF out and do your bit to contribute to their switch off time!

Wouldn’t it be lovely, after a hectic year of business, if we all stopped being so FOMO and fear-driven and stopped joining the post-solstice melee with Amazon, Currys, Jet2 and Next?

Let people go splash out on their pre-January sales flat screen TVs, gaming systems, holidays and clothes and allow business to chill for a while.

If you’ve been doing a good enough job of serving, inspiring and staying visible during the rest of the year, people will be willing to wait for you to get back after your Chrimbo jollies.

Listen, I learned the hard way. I never switched off. It wasn’t pretty long-term.

These days, I take a proper break when I can, capitalising on the Christmas vibe.

A week before, people will be in party mode and winding down.

The days between, people don’t really want to be working.

The week after, people are in stressed out catch up mode, deleting all those unwanted sales emails (including yours!) and trying to get back into the swing of things.

That means I can take a good three weeks off and come back feeling refreshed, raring to go and ready to support, inspire and motivate everyone genuinely getting back into business mode.

During that time, I’ll be largely taking a break from social media (unless the urge to post something hits me like a sleigh crashing into suddenly halting reindeer), and any emails you receive will have been pre-scheduled.

#AwesomeSauce is on ice until mid-January and every edition of The Business will have been pre-scheduled AND designed to help you relax instead of splattering you with sales spam.

I wrote this one on December 15. Next week’s will likely have been penned on December 16 AND I might even be recycling some older content you might have missed.

I won’t be back in the office until January 11 – that’s the week you’ll start getting content written in the moment again, instead of queued up weeks in advance.

How does that feel?

Have I convinced you? Will you stop for a little while longer and enjoy some quality time with friends, family, pets, Die Hard, Home Alone, The Great Escape and an Only Fools and Horses Christmas special?

Go on… give yourself a break. In doing so, you’ll be contributing to everyone else’s break as well.

Merry Christmas… enjoy your R and R!

Until next time,

Taz X