Pick a lane, people! Why we need to stop juggling, get clear about our brand and make it easy for people to understand what we do.

DO you feel confused over how to position yourself? Are you one of those people who wears lots of different hats? Do you represent a different one of your business ventures every time you go to a networking meeting?

If you have no idea how to position yourself without looking like a Jack of all trades, it’s not surprising!

Here’s a bit of my story for free — if you want to turn that around into advice for your business, go for it — this one’s on me!

One of the reasons I started using my name as my brand was that encompassing all I do under one, easy to understand umbrella was proving difficult… not for me, but for people looking in from outside.

For me, the journey between the elements of coaching and consultancy I offer make perfect sense.

Here, let me explain:

1: Who are you?

If we’re not really in touch with who we are, beneath all those layers of learned BS, it’s impossible to properly connect with what drives us — that *thing* that excites us, fires us and kinda makes our eyes glow. You know that feeling, right? We need to really understand ourselves — and like ourselves — to identify our mission in life.


2: Self-belief

Confidence comes from knowing ourselves, knowing our mission/vision, and being absolutely in touch with where we’re going. Believing in ourselves so powerfully we feel we can move mountains. When we find a way to monetise our passion, to connect that mission to our business, life becomes so much easier.


3: Personal Brand

Our personal brand is inextricably linked to our mission/purpose, who we are and what drives us. When we believe it so much that we live it, breathe it, walk our talk with clarity, passion and purpose AND demonstrate that in all that we do, other people believe in us too.


4: Conscious Alignment

By now, we have more confidence, we feel empowered, our business is aligned with our purpose and our personal brand shows the truth and power of who we are, why we’re here and our place in the world. We believe in all that we do and we know why we’re doing it. It’s time to get more visible and start making our mark — or making a bigger one!


5: Storytelling

We need to be able to identify, perfect and convey our authentic story to make our mission even more interesting, engaging and relevant to the work we’re doing now. We want to build our tribe, to build trust and for people to absolutely understand why we do what we do and why they want to work with us.


6: Audience

We need to get that story in front of our desired audience — the people who need (and want) what we have to offer — and we need to be able to use the right tools to do that. Speaking. Social media. Newspapers. Magazines. Radio. TV. Online video. Blogs. Podcasts. Vodcasts. Books. We need the right content and we need to know how to get it out there and create impact with it.


7: Purpose, Passion, Mission

That’s it. You now have a business that’s authentically aligned with you, with your soul’s purpose, with your passion and mission. It’s something you love so much it doesn’t feel like work, and you have the self belief, confidence and drive to get it out into the world. People know you, believe in you and trust you and, because of this, the right people want to work with you and easily become your advocates too.

Simples, eh?

For me, it’s easy to show that journey. Some of my clients need to take all of those steps with me, whereas some are already part way there and just need my help in a few areas.

The point is this:

‘Brand Taz’ encompasses all these things.

Sometimes people just want to work on confidence and authenticity with me.

Sometimes they just want to work on public speaking and livestreaming.

Sometimes they want to work on their personal brand.

Sometimes they want to work on their story — for social media content and blogs, for presentations, or maybe for a book.

Sometimes they just need to really bump up their self belief, cut through all their crap and remember the truth of who they are.

It’s all me. It’s all one hat. BUT… if I tried to create different brands for each element of Taz, that could be really confusing for my audience.

Stop creating confusion

If I said I did visibility and personal brand coaching for business owners, firewalking, NLP, glasswalking, motivational speaking, confidence coaching, communication skills, team building, goalsetting, timeline therapy, shamanism, mindfulness, meditation, conflict management, story crafting and story telling for business, ‘why’ finding, direction setting, a bit of hypnosis and some talking therapy, it would all sound a bit confusing, wouldn’t it?

I can dip into that extensive toolkit — and more — when clients need that particular support. I can do it seamlessly, with confidence and perfection. But I don’t shout about it all. Because that would just be silly.

I use all of those skills in my work. I can dip into that extensive toolkit — and more — when clients need that particular support. I can do it seamlessly, with confidence and perfection. But I don’t shout about it all. Because that would just be silly.

Instead, I’m just Taz Thornton. I work on your personal empowerment, business confidence and visibility. I help you get seen, coach you grow your tribe and make an impact for all the right reasons. And I make sure you feel awesome about yourself throughout.

Your turn…

What do you need to do with YOUR business message?

How can you put down all those hats and just be you, or your brand?

How can you make it easier for people to understand who you are, what you do and not come across as flakey?

How can you pour all that experience and talent into one, relevant pot?

Think about it. Mindmap it. Write it all out. Whatever helps. And if you get stuck, gimme a shout.



Taz Thornton is the author of Awesome Sauce — a free, weekly positive life and business round-up, with good news stories, positivity tips and visibility hacks for your brand. In a few minutes each week, you get a dose of optimism and some awesome advice to get seen and stay happy.

Taz is also a best-selling author, inspirational business speaker and consultant on confidence, personal brand and visibility, award-winning coach (UK’s Best Female Coach 2018 — Best Business Woman Awards), consultant and creator of the #UnleashYourAwesome and #BrandMasterypersonal and business development programmes, as well as #UNLEASHED — an affordable confidence, content and cashflow building programme for coaches, healers and therapists.

She has been featured on BBC, ITV, in HuffPost, Diva and countless other newspapers, magazines and podcasts. Taz is also a regular columnist for the America Out Loud talkshow network.

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