HERE it is – the new year. The interweb is full of saccharine advice and positive quotes, so here’s my own take on things. You could say it’s the anti-twee. 
There are a couple of naughty words in this one, so feel free to skip to another one of my blogs right now if you are of  delicate disposition!
Ready? Here are my ten bits of badass advice for an awesome 2018 (and I’m even throwing in a bit of #HippyShit):

1) Learn to love your fuck ups

Because you’ll learn from them. They’re just lessons to help you build an awesome future. I don’t even count things as ‘mistakes’ or ‘failures’ any more – they’re just teachings that will serve me well if I allow them to.

2) Love your ‘enemies’

Because they’re not really enemies – they’re just people living in boats you happened to rock somehow, probably with your brilliance.
Anyway, they’re bringing you awesome life lessons AND it’s way healthier to love someone than to carry crappy hate energy around under your skin.

3) Keep it clean

No matter how much someone pisses you off or gets under your skin, don’t start badmouthing them or trying to dent their reputation. You’ll just end up looking like a desperate, bitter loser. People will wonder what you say about them behind their backs. The only reputation you’ll really damage is your own.
Sort it out one-on- one with your adversary, like a real grown up, or rise above, STFU and get on with being noticed for all the RIGHT reasons.

4) Focus on the forest – sweep away the sawdust

Sometimes, some asshole person or situation will come along and kick you right off track. If we’re not really smart, we’ll start focusing all our energy on that one little bit of negativity, obsessing over it, letting it affect your mood and mindset. Watch out for this.
Remember your big picture mission – think of it as growing your own personal forest: every win, every time you do something good, help someone, score a new client or testimonial, that’s a tree.
All that shitty stuff? It’s sawdust. Ignore it. Sweep it away and forget it. Concentrate on growing your forest.

5) Beware the quicksand

Don’t get too complacent in life and business or get too comfortable in one place.
The world is changing and, if you want your business to keep growing, you need to adapt and change with it.
Keep it fresh – sure, stay on mission, but come up with new ideas, new content, spruce up your offerings.
Stay in one place, blind to all the new ways of the world and that ground can easily become quicksand to sink in.


6) You are not an island…and you’ll probably never be able to buy one without help either.

Don’t be stubborn or fall into arrogance. Even if you don’t want to buy an island, I’m betting you’ll want to improve your life in some way. So take advice. Outsource the stuff you hate doing or just aren’t great at. Get some mentoring from those who’ve walked before you. Hire a good coach. Build your skills and expand your potential.

7) Trash the trash

Stop holding on to shit that doesn’t serve you.
Old attitudes. Limiting beliefs. Crappy relationships. Bad habits. If you know they aren’t good for you, put ‘em out with the trash – do it kindly if you need to – and resist the urge to go rummaging through the bin and reclaim them at the eleventh hour.
Let trash be trash.

8) Screw being a scaredy-cat

We all have fears, even though most of them don’t serve us. Fear was originally there to stop us jumping off cliffs without a hang-glider or sitting on an open fire to warm our buttocks.
You get the picture.
It’s to stop us doing shit that will hurt us. And, man, have we corrupted that?!
We use fear as a crutch. We use it as an excuse. We allow it to keep us small. We use fear to stop us doing all kinds of amazing stuff that would HELP us.
So, this year, be honest with yourself about your fears – even if they feel silly. If they’re slowing you down, they need to go, so either find a way to name ‘em and face ‘em on your own, or find a good coach, therapist or pal with good ears and ideas to help you get some perspective and show your terrors the door.

9) Stop being a pussy about sharing your feelings.

If you love someone, tell them (unless there’s already a restraining order in place!).
If someone inspires you to be a better person, tell them why and thank them.
If you’re having a down day, admit it and resolve to get through it.
If your life isn’t Facebook perfect, don’t bullshit about it and plaster on a fake selfie smile; you’ll earn far more respect – and help and support – by keeping it real.

10) Make it count!

Who knows how many days, weeks, months, years any of us have left?
Don’t waste time moaning and sitting in the gloom, or being sucked into a drama trap.
Work out what you want from this life and start walking towards that end.
It doesn’t mean you need to hustle, grind or work 24/7 – hell, your mind, spirit and body need rest too, so build in plenty of R and R. Just make the most of every moment, because every moment is all you’ll ever really have.
Make every one count.
That’s it.

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