Y’KNOW, it’s funny that no matter how many times I put out a post or record a video talking about the more difficult times, there’s always someone waiting to have a go and assuming I have it “easy”.

Let’s just recap… bullied, depression, broken back, abusive relationship, death threats, going into hiding, walking with sticks, more depression, suicidal thoughts, debt, lung damage, breakdown, family illnesses, deaths, etc, etc.

Have I had it ‘easy’?

YES! Because ‘easy’ isn’t about the stuff life throws at us… it’s about the way we deal with it.

I actively CHOOSE not to hold onto regrets. I CHOOSE to not even believe in them or give them space in my life.

I CHOOSE to make the most of what I have instead of feeling bitter about the stuff I perceive others have. I CHOOSE to live, to love, to learn and to put my experiences to good use.

One of my greatest spiritual teachers – thank you Chris Lüttichau of Northern Drum – once told me I had to say ‘yes’ to life. It was in the midst of my breakdown, when I didn’t want to be here. It was, perhaps, the most simple and powerful piece of advice I have ever been gifted.

So I chose. I said “yes”. I choose every day. And so can you.

imageIf your life doesn’t look easy, change your glasses. YOU are in charge of the way you see your life. If you spend it hitting out at those you perceive to have a better deal, you probably won’t be manifesting much positivity into your own life any time soon.



2 thoughts on “EASY IS AN ATTITUDE

  1. Very, very true, Taz – we all have a choice. Sometimes, we make the wrong one, but so long as we get up more than we fall down, we can afford just the tiniest wallow every now and again! Thank you for continuing to inspire me xxx

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