img_3783FOR nine hours, this was my view.
Nine hours on a flat bed, my head packed with sandbags, staring at a hospital ceiling while medics discussed my broken back in hushed tones.

That’s one hell of a leveller. There’s perspective for you, right away! That was my story in my 20s, and it marked the beginning of the decision to change my life.

Listen… don’t waste a single moment. If you’re not happy, don’t wait for the bombshell. Make the changes while you can.

I talk more about this experience in my book, Unleash Your Awesome (available Spring 2017 from Motivational Press); I share that the moment I heard the words “broken” and “back” in the same sentence was the very moment I discovered hope. Suddenly, I wanted to live  suddenly, I realised that the adversity I’d experienced up to this point did not have to break me. I realised I had choice.

I was lucky.

In my rush to leap out of life, in my eagerness to escape the circumstances surrounding me instead of CHANGING the circumstances surrounding me, I’d succeeded in writing off my car and crushing my vertebrae.

Why was that lucky?

Because I didn’t die. Because nobody else died in the car crash either. Because my crazy, ill conceived ideas succeeded in delivering a blow big enough to jolt me out of my victimhood and make me realise I wanted to LIVE.

I’m lucky because I’m here to tell the tale.

I’m lucky because I can use my past to inspire others to change their futures.

I’m lucky because I can walk, I can breathe and I can look forward to tomorrow.

And no, life isn’t always a walk in the park, but it IS always worth it. If I’d succeeded in checking out back then, I would have missed all the beauty, the wonder and opportunities of yesterday, of today, of tomorrow.

There’s always more. More of what? That’s up to you.