THINGS do not happen TO us, they happen FOR us.

Trouble is, we often don’t know what to do when the shit hits the fan, beyond fighting, hiding or sinking.

We’re too used to wearing suits of armour – whether in the form of a suit or a label. We put up walls, hide behind fake smiles, or retreat into depression and do our best to disappear from the world.

The most challenging times, though, can be our greatest teachers. When ‘trouble’ knocks at our door, it’s all too easy to go into fight, flight or fright. Our inner reaction button auto-clicks and we jerk into our default position without considering what we – our minds, our hearts, our souls – might be able to learn from the bigger situation.

We go to solve before soul.

We go to hide before heart.

We go to loathe before learn.


We will frequently do whatever it takes to avoid feeling vulnerable. Vulnerability, for many, is terrifying.

But it’s through vulnerability that we often find the most beautiful life lessons.

Vulnerability is not weakness or being ‘less than’.

Vulnerability is being YOU. It’s being authentic, it’s allowing yourself to be seen for who you are. And there’s a power in that.

There’s a power in learning who you are – who you were – who you can be – beneath that suit of armour you wear.

Think about it…

Why are you reading this right now? Why are you listening to ME? Is it because I hide behind my pinstripe jacket, or is it because you know I’m NOT hiding? Is it because you know some of my story, you know I climbed back up through difficult times, you know I broke my back, you know I was abused, you know I was suicidal, you know I leapt into the unknown from a ‘safe’ corporate career, you know I see my breakdown as a breakTHROUGH?

Is that why you’re taking notice now? Because you know my story?

Every time I tell some of my story, I make myself vulnerable. And that’s amazing.

If I’d continue to hide behind all those layers I’d built up, I doubt I’d be here talking to you now.

In smashing down those walls, in speaking my truth, in looking at my challenges in a different way, I found wonderful life lessons that enabled me to become the person I am today.

Vulnerability isn’t running.

Vulnerability isn’t hiding.

Vulnerability is standing in our truth – not blaming, not hating, not seeking sympathy – just being ourselves.

Vulnerability is an acceptance of the life we have and learning to love ourselves for who we are, for who we have been, for who we might become.

Vulnerability is knowing that life does sometimes hurt, but that the lessons we might learn through those times can help us to grow and flourish.

Vulnerability is an awareness that though life sometimes stings us, it’s better to feel than to be numb – it’s better to be alive than not.


What’s YOUR story? Who are you behind the suit? Behind the branded clothing? Behind the labels? Behind the armour? Who are YOU?

You are beautiful. You are truth. You are stronger than you ever realised. That is the power of vulnerability.


All love,


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