It’s all too easy to give ourselves ‘get out’ excuses when something promises to push us outside of our comfort zone. One of the most common ones is “it’s too far”.

I remember trying to use that excuse years ago, before spending four and a half hours traveling to what would become one of the most healing and transformational experiences of my life!

I still remember the words from the organiser to this day: “Taz, sometimes the journey is part of the healing. Let go. Stop blocking yourself. If you didn’t need this opportunity, you probably wouldn’t even know it existed.”

Geography and distance are never a true barrier to success and fulfilment. The only real barriers are the ones that exist in our minds, and we have the ability to remove those. Fire your arrow of dreams then head towards it, however far away it seems. Your destiny is waiting for you!


NB: one of those life changing experiences is waiting for you right now. #UnleashYourAwesome for women is coming to Scotland on April 23 2016. Find your courage. Find your way. This one event might just unlock the rest of your life. Click to my events page to find out more and choose to book your tickets.

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