LAST night I delivered a talk to business owners about turning can’ts into cans & turning down the noise on naysayers.

It packed a powerful punch. Many of us are not reaching for our wants – or even doing the basic things we need to do for our businesses (think video, livestreaming, getting to grips with Instagram) – because we’re worried we won’t be able to achieve, or we’re afraid of being judged.

Let me be clear on this one… I haven’t always been confident. I was the classic wallflower, the quiet, bullied kid in the corner, the bookworm, the one who hated parties (actually, I still hate parties), and the thought of speaking in front of an audience used to make my knees knock so loudly I sounded like a metronome!

Confidence and self-belief are traits many of us need to work on. Mine didn’t happen automatically… I had to deliberately keep stretching that comfort zone. And part of that, for me, was turning CAN’Ts into CANs.


My school career advisor said I didn’t have what it took to be a journalist. I’ve been reporter, editor and director for everything from newspapers and magazines through to one of the world’s largest B2B publishing outfits. I even launched my own magazine, interviewing the celebs including Stephen Fry, Boy George and Hugh Bonneville, with advertising support from the likes of Cadbury and 4Networking. YES, I CAN!

People said I wouldn’t be able to get a book out without self-publishing. Two down (Whispers From The EarthMoon Books and Unleash Your AwesomeMotivational Press), two more commissioned for this year. YES, I CAN!

People said I wouldn’t be able to make a career out of helping and inspiring others. I’m now a speaker, coach, workshop leader, author and run my own #UnleashYourAwesome programmes. YES, I CAN!


People I care about – even family members – have knocked my work, said they dislike my books or my speaking, don’t like my hair or various other aspects of my appearance, or disagree with my choices. It happens. This, more than anything, is where you need to turn up your own rainbow and drown out their beige. Judgements can be seen as little tests to keep you on track; to ensure your mettle’s in place.

Sometimes, people can love you and say cruel things at the same time. Hold onto the love and remember to give yourself a pat on the back and remember all the strides you’ve made too – being able to recall positive emotions and building on your self-belief are excellent tools to help you drown out your own insecurities in the face of critics.

You need to believe your own CAN. The CAN’T belongs entirely to them.

Until next time,