WE’RE all tiny cogs in a giant machine. Every one of us is incredibly important.

That old analogy about sticking your hand into a bucket of water then removing it? Forget it! That’s not about you. That was designed to manage big egos and it’s misleading.

I want you to imagine this instead: take the tiniest cog out of a watch mechanism. Then what? Your place here is important. You’re needed. You’re valid. Without you, the world just doesn’t tick so well.


Self-belief is a birth right. It’s something we forget. It’s something we unlearn – or maybe we’re just never shown the proof of how amazingly important we are, even as a tiny, tiny part in this massive world machine.


I’m telling you now. You’re here for a reason. You might not know what that is yet, but I guarantee there’s a reason and it’s a good one. You’re needed and you’re amazing. Stick around. The world’s better with you in it!