HAVE you heard of “energy coaching”?

Neither had I… and it sounded like another big rip off fad when I first read about it.

Here’s what the guys at (Tony) Robbins Madanes Training had to say about it in their latest e-shot:

“Because of this shift [in our culture], there’s a new kind of coaching that is really getting big: energy coaching…

“Energy coaching is about improving the quality of your consciousness – your heart, your awareness, and your spirituality.”

New? Seriously?

Newsflash, people… I’ve been providing this as part of my coaching regime for years, and I know others have too. That’s where all my #hippyshit comes in – all that knowledge from shamanic traditions, meditation skills, mindfulness… it’s all awesome for helping people get to a place where they’re more centred, balanced and energised.

So… you don’t need to go pay Tony Robbins or some big ‘guru’ mega bucks to get your energy and mindfulness mojo switched on. I’ve been teaching this stuff for years!

Gimme a shout if you want to #UnleashYourAwesome Energy.

Errm… Om?