Taz Thornton’s signature #UnleashYourAwesome programmes all include some form of empowerment – it’s all about stepping beyond your comfort zone into that sweet spot where the learning and growth happens.

Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s the original #UnleashYourAwesome empowerment seminar that creates the most intrigue and excitement from people who’ve yet to experience the magic – particularly if they’ve heard about people walking barefoot over broken glass or red hot coals, or breaking arrows with their bare throat.

Why on earth would anyone do that?

First, you need to understand that Taz’s workshops are a gazillion miles away from the overly-hyped, ‘ra ra ra’ style events we might associate with gleaming, white smiles and all-American clichés. Though Taz was trained in extreme empowerment methods by the best in the business (the same team who trained Tony Robbins), make no mistake that the methodologies used are absolutely Taz’s own.

You’ll find different practical exercises from workshop to workshop, and each one is a powerful metaphor, designed to powner us past some of the personal barriers and limiting beliefs holding us back and get us deeply in touch with our own ‘inner awesome’.

It’s certainly not unusual to hear people using words such as ‘life changing’ and ‘transformational’ after attending one of Taz’s #UnleashYourAwesome events, just as it’s far from rare to see people booking onto future events in the #UnleashYourAwesome family, or even repeating the same one – just to be sure those breakthrough moments weren’t one off flukes!

Isn’t it all #HippyShit?

Sure! And isn’t that amazing? Truth be told, Taz reclaimed that #HippyShit hashtag for herself when she first started taking her #UnleashYourAwesome programme out to businesses. At first, she met with a degree of cynicism from hard-wired left-brainers who just couldn’t see the point in stretching comfort zones or people challenging themselves to go further than they ever believed might have been possible. It wasn’t long before the cynics were drowned out by people proudly using that #HippyShit hashtag and telling the world about the amazing breakthroughs they’d made at Taz’s events, the huge self-realisations and just how powerfully they’d been able to step into their own truth and create real, positive change for their futures.

Lasting change

That ability to create lasting, powerful change for people comes from Taz’s unique skillset; she’s an unusual blend of sharp, corporate knowhow and deep, spiritual perception and it’s that blending of those two worlds that unlocks so much potential for growth, development and awesome breakthroughs. Think about it: Taz has successfully developed a programme of change that uses the best bits of NLP, coaching, mentoring and managerial training, together with ancient tribal methodologies touching on shamanism, heart and soul awareness, personal truth and energy work. She’s trimmed away all the really hard edges of corporate change work, thrown out all the ‘level ten state’ whooping and hollering empowerment stereotypes AND the ditched the floaty, marshmallowy, ungrounded fluff so frequently associated with the mind, body, spirit movement. Add in that unquestionably direct, authentic, insightful and intuitive element of Taz and you have a powerful – and utterly unique – programme for positive change. And it works!

Taz’s #UnleashYourAwesome events can – and do – elicit major change and extreme empowerment for individuals and teams, allowing people to smash through blocks and limiting beliefs.

Whether you’re booking onto the original empowerment event, or one of the other #UnleashYourAwesome workshops that encourage stepping beyond your comfort zone in different ways (LiveStory, Content, PersonalBrand, plus others coming soon), they really will contain breakthrough activities of some kind – expect a very real change in outlook, an unparalleled sense of achievement and a new sense of self-belief.

NB: Taz occasionaly offers extreme empowerment experiences such as firewalks, glasswalks and arrow breaks as part of private seminars, corporate functions and fundraising events, and is always happy to receive enquiries via Bookings@TazThornton.com. She is fully qualified and insured to deliver firewalks, glasswalks, arrow breaks and more for your team.