YOU want to stand out? You want to be seen? You want your business to do well?


You might not even realise you’re camouflaged, but if you’re using your business name all the time and not building your personal brand, your chances of being seen aren’t so great.

img_4059Think about the brands you have an emotional connection to… chances are you can name the person behind them. People buy people. Personal brands are the way to go.

You are the expert, you are the personality, you are the speaker, the advisor, the one people want to connect with and learn from, not your business brand.


You want to hear from Virgin or Richard Branson? Would you be even half as invested in Apple if it hadn’t been for Steve Jobs? I could go on. Anita Roddick. Gary Vaynerchuk. Tony Robbins. Oprah Winfrey. Mary Portas. James Caan. Whatever you think of them, the names are as recognisable – sometimes more so – than the brands they represent.


So stop hiding. Step out from behind that business brand you’ve created – share your brilliance with the world. Grow your own audience. Do that well and you’ll reap dividends, for yourself AND your business brand.