OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity. Opportunity.

We’re all conditioned to see ‘opportunities’ as golden. Whatever happened to discernment?

Here’s how the Cambridge dictionary describes ‘opportunity’: “an occasion or situation that makes it possible to do something that you want to do or have to do, or the possibility of doing something.”

Great. The possibility of doing what?

What if it’s something I don’t want to do? It could be an opportunity to get my head shaved, or an opportunity to see Justin Bieber in concert, or an opportunity to join a network marketing team.


It’s that last one that’s most commonly seen, isn’t it? A cloak and dagger, secret opportunity, being offered to you by someone who just knows it will bring about untold positive progress in your life.

If we all took every opportunity we were offered, we’d all be selling Arbonne or Forever Living Products. And that’s not to knock the products – I use some of them myself and they’re excellent – but I do have a bit of an issue with the sly methods some employ to pull people in.

imageMaybe I’m just a bit jaded after yet another LinkedIn approach from someone assuming I have the time, wherewithal or need to start flogging someone else’s brand to my tribe.

“Hello. I’m Taz – author, extreme empowerment specialist and inspirational breakthrough speaker. Are you ready to #UnleashYourAwesome? Would you like some aloe vera with that?”

Seriously. Do your research and stop being so obtuse. Say “join my multi level marketing team” instead of “I have a business opportunity for you”.

One man’s opportunity is another man’s network marketing scheme. I guess the ancient Egyptians weren’t the only ones who believed in pyramids filled with gold. Except theirs actually were. Oh, and you only got to sit in that pyramid surrounded by riches after you’d died and had your vital organs yanked out through your nostrils.

The point is, not every opportunity is right for every person. The word has become associated with good things and streets paved with gold, but that’s *not* what it actually means. We don’t need to take every ‘opportunity’ that crosses our path. Sure, pick it up with no obligation and examine it for a few minutes, but empower yourself to put it down if it doesn’t fit. Be discerning. Don’t just grab.

If MLM is your thing, fantastic. Good for you. I seriously hope it brings all you desire. Equally, if working on, and in, your own brand and business is your thing, that’s awesome too – be brave enough to follow your dreams and make ’em happen.

Whatever the scenario, whatever floats your boat, just be sure to be absolutely crystal clear about what it is you want to manifest in your life. That way, you’ll be able to very easily discern between opportunities for you and opportunities for someone else.

If you can steer yourself to this point, you’ll be able to grab that golden goose when it shows up and happily allow that red herring to swim on by.



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