LIFE isn’t always fair or easy, but it can be a damn sight easier than we allow it to be. The fairness? We can’t do anything about that – nobody hands us some special guarantee, signed in rainbows at the point of birth, promising us that life will be fair – but – it’s still our life.

It’s the one gift we moan and complain about more than any other and yet, it’s the most precious thing we own. Our life. And we DO own it!

We might whine and whinge and complain about being owned by society, the government, our peers, our family, our bosses, but that’s all bullshit. The only person who owns your life is YOU! And the sooner you accept that, hold out your open palms and grab your life with everything that you have, the easier it’ll become. 

Miraculous YOU

You know the odds of you being born human at your particular time? 400 TRILLION to one. Fact. You are pretty much a miracle, so it’s time to step up. 

You are ahead of the biological game. You have opposable thumbs, a brain and a world full of opportunities. 

What’s more, you’ve been born into a time where ANYONE can go for their dreams. You can turn pretty much anything into a business and you don’t need bank loans or financial backers to get started any more. You don’t need an office. You don’t need a swanky sign to hang over the door. You just need a smartphone, an idea and bags of determination. That’s it. So what’s stopping you?

I speak all over the world. I have coaching clients all over the world – seriously – just before Christmas I took on a coaching client in New Zealand, precisely because of the efforts of put into my personal brand and social media presence, and because I use my iPhone!

Brace yourselves

You know the biggest barriers I help people to break through? The biggest walls blocking people’s success? I’ll tell you…

  1. Coaches and therapists not understanding – or valuing – their worth.
    Everybody wants to help other people for free, or almost free, so they end up slogging their guts out, burning out and either going onto anti-depressants or back into employment. Sometimes both.

    What’s more, when we keep helping people who believe they can’t afford it for free, we are doing NOTHING to help them break out of that pattern. In fact, we’re embedding it. We are NOT serving the world by working for free, we are DEPLETING it. We’re encouraging people to stay poor and we’re ruining ourselves, so taking one more genuinely good person out of the picture by wearing ourselves out. Well done!

    We need to build our businesses and incomes up BEFORE we start doing pro-bono work. Get your income and security sorted out first, get your bread and butter in place, then you carve out some time to do all the free work you like. The best way to help and enable more people is to earn more money!

  2. Network marketers going after the wrong people and/or not realising they’re in a sales role.

    I’ve coached so many network marketers now who prospect people who look like they need more money. Wrong!

    A) That’s pretty judgemental – seeking people who ‘look poor’ and then trying to sell them your business.

    B) There’s a reason they look poor, and 9/10 times it won’t be because they’re amazing, go-getting sales people. Are they really going to go out there and make a big impact on your downline? Are they really going to put in the effort it takes to make that business work? Are they really better off buying your starter pack or buying their kids a new pair of shoes? What do you think?

    If you want to fly, you need to think about the kinds of people you need in your team to make that happen, where you find them and how to get them on board. 

  3. Lack of confidence, determination and direction.
    I’m lumping all these together because they all flow from the same pot.

    If you don’t believe in yourself and your message, you can’t expect anyone else to.

    If you’re not utterly determined to make your business work, if you’re not hammering your smartphone -networking online at every opportunity – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, insta, blogs, podcasts, media opportunities too – at every chance, don’t complain that nobody’s noticing you and buying your stuff.

    If you’re not building up your personal brand and doing everything you can to cut through all the noise, don’t complain that nobody’s seeing or hearing you.

    If you don’t have clarity around your idea, if you don’t know where you want to get to, if you haven’t programmed your personal and business sat nav with your desired destination, don’t complain when you feel lost.

    And if things aren’t working for you, change ‘em up, or get some help to see where you’re going wrong.

    Sometimes it’s about hanging in the there and plugging away that bit longer – sometimes it’s about getting somebody help to see where you need to make some changes. The definition of madness? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting something different to happen. 

  4. Blocks around money.
    So much of this is intangible. It’s an attitude, an energy, you can’t see ‘it’ but, I guarantee, you’ll notice the results of changing it.

    If you believe £100 is ‘a lot’ of money, you’ll struggle to get it, but you might land £20, £30, £40. If you work on doubling that – genuinely getting to a place where you believe £200 is a lot, the results in terms of what you’ll be able to manifest will follow.

    Do that now. Have a serious think about what you see as ‘a lot’ of money, then double it. Keep seeing money flowing into you. Set yourself little cash flow goals – earning / saving a certain amount by a certain time and put in the effort and energy to make that happen. 

  5. Number blindness
    Point 4 flows into the other reason I see so many small businesses failing to hit the mark. It’s because people haven’t put the effort into looking at the numbers properly.

    How much do you want to earn every year? Make sure you’re including holidays, unexpected expenses, enough cash to treat yourself when you want to, money for shoes, clothes, networking, socialising, as well as family, food and transport and household expenses.

    How much do you need – do you *want* per year (or per month, or per week – work it out however you like)? Then work out how many days per week/month/year you want to be working – take out time for holidays and downtime. How many days does the leave you across that year? How many days per month? Per year? Do some simple division. That amount of pounds divided by that amount of days. How much do you need to be earning, how regularly?

    Can you make that work with your current business structure? What needs to change?

    I’m seeing way too many people who need to earn, say, 40k, yet they’re charging £20 an hour and attracting, maybe, a couple of clients a week if they’re lucky. They’re not doing the numbers. They’re thinking they just need to keep going until they get more clients, but it’s not realistic. They’ll crash and burn before they’re anywhere near the numbers they need.

    So – review now! You might need to just make a few tweaks, maybe create some packages, up your fees, go after a different demographic in order to earn the cash you need.

I genuinely, honestly believe any one of us can turn our passion into profit, but it’s not gonna just fall into our laps. We need to get clarity and direction. We need to build our self belief, our confidence, our determination. We need to quit whining and morning and blaming the world, his wife and our parents for our shortcomings, we need to own our lives and then decide to make positive things happen. And then we need to lock on our targets and we need to go for it. 

That’s how you’ll #UnleashYourAwesome in 2019. 

See you next time,