Corporate training days are offered at the full day rate of £5,250 +VAT (plus travel/accommodation expenses), for up to 20 staff/team members.

Areas of expertise for teams include – communication; cohesion; determination and drive; believing in, and effectively delivering, the organisation’s message; conflict management; goals/intentions; energy and motivation.

Day packages include:

Bridging the gap – a full day of awareness building, communication and listening skills for teams (including managers) who are not communicating effectively, or would benefit from improved communication and understanding. Breaks down barriers, generates greater empathy and inclusion and leaves teams feeling empowered, heard and more together than ever before. Includes tribal team-building exercises, talking therapy and extreme empowerment exercises.

Unleash Your Awesome – a full day of empowerment, confidence building and comfort zone smashing for teams who would benefit from enhanced self belief and plenty of positive anchors to drive determination, success and positivity.

The Power of Personal Branding – a full day looking at the opportunities we can create by empowering staff members to develop their own personality within the corporate structure, including safe and creative social media options for individuals, collective enthusiasm and corporate direction, creating a space and environment for new ideas, enhancing positivity through the workforce by encouraging individuality.

Awesome Public Speaking – a full day working with teams who need to improve/enhance their presentation skills, whether for networking, pitching or addressing audiences. In this workshop, the team acts as the audience while individuals learn to speak with confidence, power, authority and energy.

Awesome Content – a full day working with teams to create powerful content – as well as a content plan – for their business blogs, social media, PR, newsletters and websites.

Drop us a line to discuss individual requirements –

Bespoke packages are available for businesses or individuals wanting a different level/type of support.

Taz also offers team packages for businesses who would like to provide regular coaching and support for employees and team members.


“Thank you for such an inspiring (and emotional) day.  The support you’ve given us not only yesterday but on a daily basis is second to none, and without people like yourselves, we simply wouldn’t be doing what we do – thank you.”
– Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBuk)