With all sessions treated in the strictest confidence, Taz draws on many years of top level corporate management experience, NLP and empowerment coaching methods to deliver a bespoke coaching/mentoring experience to best match your needs.

Taz’s deep intuition also comes into play when needed, as well as a number of mindfulness and personal development exercises drawn from extensive training and experience of traditional ‘tribal’ coaching methods.  As with all authentic coaching programmes, the responsibility to heal, grow and prosper always rests with the client… Taz will provide excellent tools to aid your progress, but it’s up to you to use them!

Taz explains: “For those ready to make real strides towards a happier, healthier life or, from a business perspective, those wanting to gain more confidence, visibility and traction, these coaching sessions can prove immensely powerful and rewarding… so long as the individual is willing to play full out and take very real strides to bring about the change they desire. There’s rarely an immediate, magic wand solution to life’s great challenges, yet there’s usually a way to rebuild, gather strength and energy and uncover really powerful teachings in even the toughest times.”

Areas of expertise*:

Individuals – building confidence and self belief; connecting with your passion and purpose; determination and drive; living through adversity; finding balance and calm; creating the life you want to live.

Business owners – honing your message and creating your business story; brand visibility; knowing your audience; generating media attention; being your brand; building energy and excitement around your brand and business; speaking and presenting with confidence; building your personal brand; auditing your skill set; holding onto passion and belief; work/life balance.

*the list here is by no means exhaustive. Please do drop us a line to discuss individual requirements – bookings@TazThornton.com.

Fee structure:


Quickfire coaching – 10 minute telephone/Skype conversation to get right to the issue: £25

Power hour – 60 minute telephone/Skype conversation to go deeper and explore tools to unlock your potential: £150

Super session – half day’s face-to-face coaching/mentoring: £650 (plus travel expenses)

Deep dive – full day’s face-to-face coaching/mentoring: £1,250 (plus travel expenses)


Budget coaching – Entry level coaching package for those on a limited budget and wanting to access regular support for minimal cost. Monthly sessions via telephone or skype to identify your blocks and support you in working towards a more positive outlook. Perfect for people who feel trapped, want to learn more about the law of attraction and manifestation and feel committed to making life changes and improving their life perspective. These sessions may also benefit those just setting out in business, or experiencing cashflow challenges, and wanting some help and support in reaching the next level.

Minimum commitment of four sessions, maximum of eight at this level.
One session of up to 45 minutes per month. £55 per month.

Tracker coaching – Monthly sessions via telephone or skype to identify your blocks, peel back the layers and support you in reaching your desired outcomes. Perfect for people who feel stuck, lack direction or confidence, want to find their ‘why’, or simply need regular ‘life coaching’ to keep them on track and feeling positive. These sessions can also be used to help, support and steer those needing help with building their personal brand, gaining positive visibility and wanting to build their ‘tribe’.

One session of up to 90 minutes per month. £150 per month. Minimum commitment: six months.

Success seeker – Designed for people who really want to push beyond their comfort zone, reach for new levels of confidence in life and/or business and be coached through regular intentions/goals to move closer to the life they want to live. Expect to be supported, challenged and motivated. Fortnightly or weekly sessions via telephone or skype.

Up to 90 minutes per session. £295/£550 per monthMinimum commitment: six months.

Nobody delivers coaching and instills enthusiasm and determination quite like Taz.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to people who’ve worked with her and reaped the benefits…

“I was feeling stuck with life and seemed to have a lot of dead end situations around me. I found Taz to be real, straight down the line, and very perceptive very quickly, as to where I was in myself, not just that but able to pragmatically work with that too.”I was shaken out of my rut a few times as Taz encouraged me to look at things, from a different perspective. I have taken a lot from these sessions and will continue the work. I will definitely use Taz again should I find myself stuck. What was also amazing, was that in the time between starting and ending the sessions, an uncanny number of material things happened, or concluded, overdue appointments occurring, legal matters concluding, job and housing situations reaching conclusion.”
– Jacqui M

“Taz Thornton is a very different kind of personal development mentor/coach. She is highly innovative and encouraging. She makes it all fun and you do not even notice that you are making real lasting progress whilst on the actual course. BUT, within a day, it starts to dawn on you how much of an impact attending her course has had on you. I repeated #UnleashYourAwesome twice because I did not believe the difference in me and the things Taz had got me to do. I then went on to the #UnleashYourAwesome LiveStory course and that definitely unleashed amazing things which I have yet to fully develop and explore. If you want to make changes in your life and develop yourself and can be truly open-minded you will not regret attending one of Taz Thornton’s courses. Just do it and don’t look back.”
– Stella Gooch, SMG Virtual PA

To book or find out more, email bookings@TazThornton.com or call 07920 461040.