EARLIER this week, a pal sent me a meme that said “You can’t be committed to your bullshit and to your growth. It’s one or the other.”

It’s one of those memes that does the rounds every now and again, and I like the message, but it’s one that often triggers internal debate, particularly from those stuck in judgement/jealousy/ego/insert any ‘low energy’ ‘victim state’ here.

imageTry making this statement in a group of people and wait for the responses to trickle out… the most common backlash comes in the form of a wealthy person being cited, together with a statement along the lines of “they’ve been surviving on bullshit for years and it hasn’t hurt them!” or “they’ve made a career out of bullshit and it’s grown them millions of pounds.”


It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? Notice how so many of us have become conditioned to equate ‘growth’ with financial stability. We look at someone with a big bank balance, perhaps multiple properties, a swish car and designer clothes and assume they’ve made it and are somehow in a better position than us. Arguably, if this is our mindset, we’re already cultivating our own bullshit over our growth. It’s a trap, people, a bit, fat trap.

What does growth mean to you? What about personal fulfilment? Inner peace? Wisdom? Joy? Happiness? Love? Trust? Authenticity? The list is endless.

Sure, money is the currency of modern day western society, and we could argue until the milch cows come home about how much easier life becomes if / when we don’t need to worry about it. But isn’t that a bit of a red herring?

If we’re spending our time worrying about what we *don’t* have, aren’t we drawing more ‘lack’ energy into our lives instead of manifesting abundance? If our default is plummeting into judgement / jealousy / envy when we see someone else in a ‘nice’ car/house/suit/insert trigger object here, aren’t we feeding that negative energy? Aren’t we encouraging our own bullshit about our own lack of worth/luck/deserving? Aren’t we stunting ourselves with our own bullshit?


What would happen if our default reaction was to be happy for the person driving the car we *think* we want? What would happen if we had a positive response? What would happen if we thought “wow – I’m going to attract that into my life too” instead of begrudging someone else’s perceived luxury? How would that change our energy? What would that do to our outlook? Incidentally, do we really believe the flash car will make us feel happy and fulfilled?

‘Growth’ can mean different things to different people. It’s pretty much the same with ‘bullshit’. Sometimes, when we’re eyeball deep in our own BS, we can’t see that we have been quite deeply committed to cultivating more of the same.

So choose. Take off the brown-coloured glasses, shake off the stink and actively search for areas of your life – limiting beliefs, old thought patterns and habits – where you could do with a fresh perspective and a bit more growth. You may find that it was, in fact, that old bullshit that fertilised the growth process, so it’s not all bad – just try not to hold onto it long term. Manure can be great for cultivating new growth, but sooner or later the beauty needs to be allowed to grow up and through it!



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