SO now we’re asking for another referendum. If that happens and remain wins, I’m guessing we’ll be asking for a third. Hey, maybe we *should* have a best of three for decisions this sweeping. At least then we’d be free of ‘what ifs’ about those who are now changing their minds.

What do I know? I’m not a politician.

What I *do* know is that the levels of anger, hatred and blame being flung around are just horrible. I honestly don’t believe they help anyone.

imageAnd it’s not just on social media. We’re already seeing horrifying examples of hatred spilling out onto the streets since the vote – kids in schools telling their ‘foreign’ classmates to go ‘home’; reports of people chanting ‘Make Britain white again’; notes being posted through people’s letterboxes. The arguments being flung around on Facebook are just the tip of iceberg.

This, perhaps, is where my tree huggy side kicks in. I do lots of work with energy and, for me, there’s a real difference between grieving over a decision some of us didn’t want and getting off on all the drama, or secretly finding a satisfying level of secondary gain from the aggro unfolding, or people using the vote outcome to put their extreme views into action, from casual racism upwards.

Am I blaming extremes on the streets on people arguing online? No, but I do believe anger that isn’t dealt with or channelled into something more positive – from either side – carries a vibration that can add to the bigger picture.

I do see a line between people being genuinely shaken and recovering in their own time and those who are (in the words I used on my personal page yesterday) whinging, moaning, sulking, gloating and arguing.


This is where I notice a difference in energies. There’s a very different vibration to that drama energy… that kind of energy is low-level and addictive; it spreads like wildfire and can infect all it touches…. and it doesn’t just stay on Facebook. Every bit of anger being displayed fuels the bigger picture. This is what I’m talking about. This is what we need to be aware of.

For me, we all need to take responsibility for our actions and reactions, and that includes being aware enough to not keep flinging our fury around on social media. We’ve already divided our nation with the vote… we don’t need to divide ourselves even further with words thrown out in the heat of the moment.

Yesterday, though by and large drawing support for my calls for people to come back together now and find a way forward, I drew a bit of fire for my comments about the infighting and drama. I was accused of erasing people’s terror and warned about shoving people out of their negative space before they were ready to leave. There was even a mention of ‘tone policing’.

And you know what? That’s okay. People have the absolute right to disagree with me, just as I have the right to share my personal views on my personal page. This vote has rocked all of us, in different ways – me included – and that means we’ll often come up against people who react/respond differently to us.


I spent yesterday in a beautiful space, doing energy work with a group of people who were divided over the voting. We held a safe space, talked through our reasons and hopes for the future with love and compassion and came out with far more respect, understanding and unity than might be expected.

And that brings me right back to my original point. Whatever happens with the EU, regardless of whether there’s another referendum, or whether Boris takes the hot seat, or whether parliament votes against leaving Europe, we’re still all here sharing this space together. So yes, of course, come to terms with things in your own time, but please, please stop mud slinging. Negativity carries fast on social media. So does positivity. So does love and hope and solidarity.

I’m not telling anyone how to feel; I AM asking you to be aware of the energies you’re perpetuating, to find some common ground and to at least to do your bit to bring some love, peace and compassion to balance some of the hate and anger.