THERE’S an awful lot of bullshit out there about ‘the power of positive thinking’… 
We have to be happy all the time, constantly wear a smile, never outwardly display any worries. It’s no wonder so many of us are fucked up!
Get real people. That’s not positive thinking – and there’s certainly no power in it! Pretending everything’s rosy 24/7 is a fast track path to the GP’s office at best. Nobody needs that kind of pressure.
Here’s the truth…

PMAPositive thinking is absolutely not about a constant state of happiness or never having a negative thought. Positive thinking is about being AWARE of our thoughts.
The mind is a beautiful thing, yet it also talks to us 24 hours a day, and much of its chatter can be negative and self-critical. Positive thinking – for me – means learning to direct our thoughts, learning to understand where some of our inner conflict and dis-ease stems from, learning who we are and what we want/need in our lives, and then making positive strides to make the changes needed to edge that bit closer to fulfilment.
Positive thinking does NOT mean feeling happy all the time. Positive thinking means recognising when we’re hitting a downwards spiral, understanding what triggered it, questing for what’s needed to overcome/cope with that and choosing not to stay there.
Positive thinking doesn’t mean we never sink… it just means choosing to grab the rope or build a ladder.