THIS week I spoke at Lincolnshire County Council about the work I’ve been doing to support people who’ve been through domestic abuse.

Since the pilot event I created and ran in collaboration with the authority’s domestic abuse team earlier this year, we’ve been receiving amazing feedback from people who came along. From just that one day spent on a specially adapted version of my #UnleashYourAwesome seminar, hope and determination are growing in place of hopelessness and fear.


Perhaps the most moving account came from a woman who turned up to my event suffering from agoraphobia as a result of her abuse. Since spending the day with me, she’s been able to go out to the supermarket, go dress shopping with her daughter and take her youngest to the cinema. What’s more, she says she’s moved from suicidal to feeling hopeful about her future.


This work MATTERS, folks. We use a blend of talking therapy, timeline work, group sharing, mindfulness, NLP, movement, breath work and extreme empowerment to give people the tools they need to move out of the stigma and into a powerful vision of a positive – and entirely possible – future. The system is great for helping people to get out of the danger zone and provides amazing support through That process, but then what?

So many people – men AND women – who’ve been through abuse are left with that label – with the shame, with the anger, with the hopelessness. This project is helping them to move beyond that, to identify as far more than a ‘survivor’, to channel those emotions into something more positive and productive and to visualise a future they actively want to move towards.


We’re now planning three more special versions of my #UnleashYourAwesome workshop in Lincolnshire, for people who’ve been through Domestic Abuse, and I’ve launched a crowd funding campaign to raise an initial sum of £3,500 to properly run and promote them.

You can help by donating here, or simply by spreading the word:

These events are making real changes and breaking new ground. Eventually, our aim is to roll them out across the country.

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PS: if any businesses or individuals want to help or indicate their support outside of the crowdfunding campaign, you can contact me via my Facebook page, Twitter or at

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