imageTODAY I’ve been feeling a bit pissed off. There’s nothing majorly wrong – just the usual issues that sometimes go hand in hand with running a business; chasing late payments, wanting to be in three places at once, juggling schedules to get workbooks ready to deliver business training, getting graphics and music ready for speaking gigs. Run of the mill stuff.

This morning – maybe because I had such an awesome time working with website guru and coach Jodee Peevor yesterday – I hit a bit of a slump.

Guess what I’m doing about that? I’m MOVING OUT OF THE MOOD!


I’ve got all the urgent stuff out of the way, and this afternoon I’m downing tools and heading over to a little studio I keep for creative endeavours. There, I’ll pick up a different set of tools, get into a totally different zone and, potentially, unlock loads of creative ideas I didn’t even know I was sitting on.

How will this help my ‘proper’ business (quote marks for the benefit of any stunted, grey suits who still think a ‘proper’ business needs corporate starch)? It’ll free up my thinking for that as well – I’ll be brimming with ideas and enthusiasm in no time.

Guess what else? My state has already begun to change, just by making that decision.

Life is bloody awesome!



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