HERE’S an idea… instead of feeling bitter about other people’s lives, get on with making your own better.

imageNext time you see someone in your dream car/a big house/nice clothes, instead of thinking “it’s alright for them”, “bet daddy bought that”, or “privileged bastard”, try being happy for them, or determining to manifest more in your own life.


All you’re seeing is the end result. You have no idea what that individual’s life has been like. You have no idea what you have in your life they might give anything for. You have no idea who they are or what their circumstances may be.

And if they were “born with a silver spoon”, so what? Maybe their last life was just like yours! ????


The energy of bitterness isn’t good. Don’t wrap yourself in that crap. Switch it for hope and happiness and dreams… and then go make it happen!



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