Taz in the news…

As you might imagine, Taz attracts a quite a bit of news coverage. Although it’s nigh on impossible to list everything, here’s a selection of TV and news features we think you might enjoy:

Unleash Your Awesome with Taz Thornton – Liberate Your Authentic Self Show, with Dr Andrea Pennington, November 2017

Stop Keeping Everything Bottled Up – Marketing For Owners, January 2017

Taz Thornton Crowned Best Female Coach – Spalding Today, October 2018

Rebuilding After Domestic Abuse – Love – Listen – Talk – Repeat podcast, June 2018

It’s not always easy, but it IS always worthwhile – Huffington Post, September 2015

Taz on Amit Kainth TV Show – July 2015

Taz on Source TV – May 2014

Extreme Empowerment – Industry Angel, March 2016

Taz on America Out Loud – columnist and show-host – 2017 onwards.

How to find your power animal… through your phone! – Kindred Spirit magazine, May 2014

Press enquiries

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